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    Laser 2 - brand new condition, quite cool!

    @LaLi hull number is PNZ0294001. What do you make from that?
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    Laser 2 - brand new condition, quite cool!

    Sure thing, will post a question.
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    Laser 2 - brand new condition, quite cool!

    For those Laser 2 fiends, a brand new Laser 2 Regatta has come up on a New Zealand selling site. Quite cool to see it in original condition!
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    Special Edition Lasers

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    Mark on bottom

    My 2006 UK boat had the same and ive seen it on other boats too. Spoke to an Olympic laser sailor and she said its typical of some of the older (not that 2011 is old) but just reflects building standards of the time. My 2019 boat doesnt have it at all
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    How do I remove a broken, headless, rusty screw from my deck??

    Had a similar issue the other week but had to push the screw in. Anyone had any luck getting a screw/loose bits out of a bung hole? Really dont want to make an inspection port..
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    Outhaul Rigging Question

    The hook LaLi has shown is very popular and personally I think its awesome. Only issue is trying to get a pulley latched onto it, usually give up trying to squeeze it on and just tie it.
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    Special Edition Lasers

    Here's a new one! Cant wait to see a picture of one. Good to see some new special editions coming through. I'd snap one up!
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    Tons of quality laser parts

    I have the Laser branded tiller extension and love it but have noticed its sits a good 2 inches above the traveler cleat and gets caught. Anyone else had the same issue? I willl attempt to sand it this weekend.
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    Replacing boom blocks

    Easy! Thanks!
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    Special Edition Lasers

    It was on a UK boat sales FB group.
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    Replacing boom blocks

    Not sure why I can't find a previous comment online about this, surely someone has wondered before :D. How do I replace a boom block? Do you saw off the old one and then is it a rivet that locks it on? I want to upgrade the boom blocks on an old boom from the blue ones to the new black...
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    Special Edition Lasers

    Not sure if this one is covered yet or not. Laser Millennium spotted for sale.
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    Special Edition Lasers

    Here is another that I have now confirmed. We had a Laser (sold last month - 14XXXX) that had Hi Tech next to the main sheet block and then stickers on the hull side as well. No other differences to a 'normal' Laser. This made me think it was just someone putting stickers on. I just saw an...
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    New cover - whats this flap for?

    Thanks Lali, thought as much. It is an Aus hull but I got the cover in the UK before I returned. Just got the boat unused but built in 2019 (216XXX) from a national team sailor so the sticker on the back is 'High Performance New Zealand'.
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    New cover - whats this flap for?

    Hi All I got a new boat this week and have put on a UK cover. Any ideas what the flap on the back is for? Is it just for the top section to hang out the back if you wrap the sail around the mast etc? Cheers!
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    Can I get a metal engineer to make me a dolly?

    Hi All Struggling to find a stacking strolley in NZ as the local stops have said they cant get a local builder to do it. They are only offering ones now with a large gunwale support or foam underneath. I quite like the UK designed ones, similar to this...
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    Checked luggage for foils

    Hi all heading across the other side of the world and shipping some stuff but thinking about taking my new centreboard as checked luggage for a number of reasons (safety, impatience, customs thinking I am importing goods). i have kept it in its box from LP which has polystyrene on each end but...
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    Laser Cockpit Autobailer "Not class legal for racing" . . . What?

    The sails are probably the most polarizing thing due to how long they last and the various options available. I keep an eye out on FB for second hand ex-pro ones but I have seen some recently advertised for £50 less than the normal RRP...doesn't make me want to buy them second hand :D. I...
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    Laser Road Base UK

    Rapide are a good brand, unsure if they still do new though... A lot of second hand ones around that look perfect for the job :)