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  1. Ken Perine

    Looking for Capri 14.2 sailors who live near Portland Oregon

    I am looking to start a fleet of Capri 14.2 sailors in Portland Or to sail together and race together. Please contact me if you are within driving distance.
  2. Ken Perine

    De-masted in Mission Bay 2013

    Well my boat is now repaired...that is the good news. I was de-masted in Mission Bay a few weeks ago. What an exciting time that was. On our third time out sailing our boat my son and I were sailing closed hauled when we heard a loud BANG!!!!. The next thing we knew the mast was over the...
  3. Ken Perine

    Corrosion in mast repair

    After my de-masting I noticed some small soft spots in my mast. A closer examination revealed that I had some galvanic corrosion. I used my dremel tool with a small wire brush to clean up the area and enlarge the hole until I had good material. I then filled the holes with JB Weld and wrapped...
  4. Ken Perine

    Corrosion on the jib sail snaps

    When I purchased my boat it came with two sets of sails and an extra jib. The snaps on all three jibs were heavily corroded. I used a dremel tool to clean up the snaps and now they work great. :) List your cleaning technique......