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  1. Stephen_Green

    Water in my Laser Hull

    If the boat is old, check the rear bottom of the centreboard case for wear and leaks; I have repaired two boats with this
  2. Stephen_Green

    Laser repair question

    I bought my 1986 Laser used about 20 years ago. Soon after I removed the gunwale supports as they didn't fit the hull. After 20 seasons , there are no indentations at all. I think that these may occur on new hulls that are not fully cured but it has not been a problem for me, and it's easier...
  3. Stephen_Green

    Foiling thoughts

    Sail no is 32xxx, so it's not worth anything. Ebay has several abandoned hulls listed, so perhaps we could start a new class????!
  4. Stephen_Green

    Foiling thoughts

    Hello, we have an abandoned hull at our club. Has anyone thought of attaching simple foils say, ahead of the centreboard and rudder. I know there are kits avalailabe , but that's not the point, is it? besides the cost Not for me; at 78, my balance is not as good as it was but I can still manage...
  5. Stephen_Green

    Buying new gear for Club Laser fleet

    I have made various mods for our club fleet which have all three rigs-. Loop of rope attached to the 4.7 clews so that the outhaul doesn't have to be adjusted radically Outhaul pulley at the gooseneck fitted with a hook to hook into the gooseneck hole; if it isn't at the top, drill another one...
  6. Stephen_Green

    Laser Tiller Repair - Help Needed!

    If someone crashed into the back of you, they are at fault; send them the bill
  7. Stephen_Green

    Electrolysis taking place upon Laser 1 spars?

    ...and don't forget to fill any redundant holes in the topmast with rivets or whatever so that it doesn't fill up when you capsize. Use only one rivet to hold the topmast collar if your current one has two. Difficult to do with the boom as you have to move the reinforcing sleeve.
  8. Stephen_Green

    Laser serial number - can this be true?

    With a boat that old, they probably made more by selling the bits rather than the whole boat, but were left with the hull. Time for the angle grinder!
  9. Stephen_Green

    Help! Where to find correct gel coat?

    I used a coloured chalk from an artist's supplier, then ground it to powder. They have a huge range of colours (or colors)
  10. Stephen_Green

    Hydrophobic mainsheet?

    ..and will probably make it slippery!!!!
  11. Stephen_Green

    Laser measurement

    Where are the FAQs ? They used to be at the top of Laser Talk I was going to direct a new user to them.
  12. Stephen_Green

    Laser Gel colour?

    My boat is the same colour. I have used Plastic Padding gelcoat filler and added powdered pigment; I bought Cerulean Blue from an artists supplier. Alternatively buy a coloured chalk, rub he chalk on fine sandpaper and add it to the filler. Frank Herring of Dorchester has a very wide range of...
  13. Stephen_Green

    Olympic sails

    Silly me, I was looking at a picture of Ben Ainslie in his Finn
  14. Stephen_Green

    Olympic sails

    Just reviewing pictures of the Olympics and I've only just noticed that, although the Radial sails looked standard, the full one aren't. They are tri-radial cut in a higher tech material. Is this a portent of things to come?
  15. Stephen_Green

    Separating upper and lower mast

    Remove the lower mast base plug and use a long piece of wood to push/ hammer it out. It may be that the topmast upper plug has partly come out and is jamming so this should correct it, or that it has jammed on the gooseneck rivets. Renew the lower mast plug. Good luck
  16. Stephen_Green

    Sail too long?

    Check the position of the topmast collar against the spec. or another topmast. My rivet sheared and the collar slid up the topmast, making the sail too long.
  17. Stephen_Green

    Olympic Games Laser Sailing

    No ,that's the name panel. Once this is over, we might be able to buy spares. The wind here is stronger than we would expect for Summer days, but then it hasn't been much of a Summer.
  18. Stephen_Green

    Boom measurements

    On making a boom from a broken topmast, I find that the outhaul eye is not shown on the ILCA boom measurement page. Does this mean all boats are illegal? Have I just found a way to win races by protesting the boats in front of me?? (not serious!) Are the dimensions elsewhere? Thanks
  19. Stephen_Green

    filled with water!!!!

    I cannot believe that large quantities of water leaked in through the breather hole since air has to come out at the same time. Older boats had a black? plastic tube into which the bung fitted, which can break. I think it is likely that it has and water has leaked from the cockpit into the hull...
  20. Stephen_Green

    Bailer Springs

    I haven't heard of these; they are not my LaserSmartParts brand shown in the top YouTube video. Legal bailers are Movevirgo or Nautos