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  1. Mrs. P

    Full Rig Option for Great Grand Masters in Oman

    Any Great Grand Masters planning to attend the Laser Master Worlds in Oman (light air) who would like to add their names to a petition for a full rig option? So far, we have 9 GGMs wanting to sail a full rig in Oman (3 USA; 1 AUS; 2 CAN; 2 NZL; 1 UAE).
  2. Mrs. P

    LP - more questions

    After having done some research on LaserPerformance: ( I circled round to follow up on the progress of something I'd come across. Dory Ventures LLC was a Rastegar entity that had a website regarding their brands - LP...
  3. Mrs. P

    International Laser Union

    Could someone please explain this to me: XIV) Operating Policies 1. Jurisdiction: ILU has authority over all Laser sailboat activities throughout the world, and its powers shall be vested and carried out by LaserPerformance as provided for in this Charter. Link to ILU Charter...
  4. Mrs. P

    Pigtail, quick splice or butt splice for a Kitty Hawk?

    I'm repairing various trailers and need to replace the trailer end connector on a Kitty Hawk. It appears I have three options on "waterproof" wire connectors/splicers - pigtail, quick splice or butt splice. Assuming, I'm going to use shink wrap tubing over the quick splice or butt splice...
  5. Mrs. P

    Sailing Bullying - What Would You Do?

    I’ve been watching a bullying situation unfold for three years and it’s about to come to a head. The sailor being harassed has had enough and decided it’s time to take a stand. The question is, what response is in the best interest of the sport (dinghy sailing) and the class (Laser)? Did you...