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  1. NickolasG

    Practic laser dolly

    Hello everybody, I’m owning laser set up dolly by practic, it’s less than a year old and recently I just noticed something. At the stands where the belt is connected, on the bottom must be 2 screws and nuts from the inside (I can’t find any picture) and here’s my case. I have no clue how it’s...
  2. NickolasG

    Tiller separation

    Hi all. (Unfortunately) Due to this COVID19 all yacht clubs are closed, but sailing isn’t only offshore. And I wanted to separate my rudder from tiller/tiller ext to put everything in blade bag. But I found out my tiller stuck in a rudder (pictures below) How can I separate them?
  3. NickolasG

    LPE introduced new ARC-1 and ARC-2 rigs!

    Just opened my Facebook and updated my news feed and appeared post from LaserPerfomance with their new video about these rigs. To see the video tap on the link below [here|] Seems pretty interesting, but I guess the price will start from 3000€. Absolutely new sail, absolutely new spars that are...
  4. NickolasG

    Laser Repairing

    Hi all! I'm about to make mini "service/repairing" on my laser, because I've noticed that somewhere silicone is gone, somewhere I still have glue marks on a hull, somewhere I have some weird black lines (probably from rubbing with something). And the questions I've got are: 1) If I'm going to...
  5. NickolasG

    The ILCA Dinghy became a reality

    Hi all! Just opened insta and found something interesting. What's your opinion about it?
  6. NickolasG

    Carbon tiller

    Hi All! Europeans RDL in Athens are done, and I've got a boat after that event. Aussie 210... in very good condition. Now I have everything, including tiller and tiller extension and now I'm stuck with 1 question : is better to use carbon tiller (flat) or continue sailing with a stock one (...
  7. NickolasG

    Buying a 2nd hand Laser

    Hey all! As we all know in Athens comes Radial Europeans in about 28 days, there will be 400+ sailors and I'm about to get some boat for myself. Because club's boats are in very bad condition. F.e every boat has broken mast step and takes too much water. Plus I wanna get my own spars and...
  8. NickolasG

    Plate 2 Blocks

    Hello all. I'm new on this forum and I'm glad to be here. A few weeks ago I bent this plate, and I've broke 1 of these blocks. So I bought the replacement from rooster or something like that. When I took off the stock plate I found that 1 of holes was too big for a screw, so now it stays on the...