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  1. joe c

    What hurts?

    More wind is always more comfy. That's the thing though....Tuesday...we had 10-15. We were ripping! Lol
  2. joe c

    What hurts?

    After just a couple of hard hours sailing the laser2 my thighs are just destroyed the following days. Lol..I still skate a bit..I've been an avid snowboarder. Back into bicycling. Road raced motorcycles. Even done some endurance racing. But holy crap my thighs are just destroyed after 2 hours of...
  3. joe c

    whos using what for gps tracking apps?

    Just bought a new single speed, havnt ridden for 25 years, and everyone was like very strava. Turns out it works nicely for sailing. The basic app is free which is what im using..
  4. joe c

    Laser 2 - brand new condition, quite cool!

    That's cool
  5. joe c

    About to buy a 2010 Sunfish… it's been forever

    that cart is a great idea.
  6. joe c

    Spongy Laser2 Cockpit Repair Advice Sought

    Great photo!!!!! If you're daring enough to single hand with a spin the cockpit sole should be easy. Lol.. very cool.
  7. joe c

    Spongy Laser2 Cockpit Repair Advice Sought

    and oh....hows your laser rigged? spin? chute? post a pic if its cool.
  8. joe c

    Spongy Laser2 Cockpit Repair Advice Sought

    id be more likely to cut the cockpit sole out, and replace the rotted ply. then glass and resin the floor panel back in. then you can put in real scuppers in case you have water intrusion. if youre talking about delamination of the foam from the frp or glass, i dunno... id still probably go the...
  9. joe c

    Leak testing/sealing

    i bought the 20v makita for doing teak deck sealant. omg.....its one of my most favorite tools. lol. totally excessive. but its pretty great.
  10. joe c

    Leak testing/sealing

    thickened epoxy in a syringe works great. especially if you can stand the seam up. then i file or use a sanding block to cut back the high bumps when its cured.
  11. joe c

    Leak testing/sealing

    It's also of matter as to what kind of aesthetic youre going for..a patch that looks not perfect but works is possible. Are you wanting a completely restored looking hull with access to inside or do you just want something to get you on the water to bang around. The season is fast approaching...
  12. joe c

    Vinyl Cockpit Trim, low cost sources?

    Might find similar at autoparts supply houses too.
  13. joe c

    Colored Laser Sails you have to go do that with the laser2 pics. i already have 3 sets of sails for this thing. those are super cool!! but holy clashing with the spinnaker!!
  14. joe c

    Sailfish in a PT Cruiser

    what are the aluminum extrusion things??
  15. joe c

    Sailfish in a PT Cruiser

    see my truck pic in my name is joe c, and i have a problem.
  16. joe c

    Wood Below Traveler

    i prefer using a piece of plywood. 1/2 to 3/4" should be fine. itll be less prone to splitting than a solid block. sometimes ill paint it with epoxy before installing it and let that cure just to seal it. you can flip the boat over so you can just drop the blocks on vs holding it on the ceiling...
  17. joe c

    Sailfish in a PT Cruiser

    ps...pool noodles are really great for hauling stuff arent they? haha.
  18. joe c

    Sailfish in a PT Cruiser

    well it would appear i have some competition. :)
  19. joe c

    Bridle setup options?

    the clip in light wind is just more weight to flop around too.
  20. joe c

    been throwing this together.....its a 74....

    you can get a permit to put your boat in lochraven. im guessing they want some sort of propulsion that is not sail only. they have battery powered boats. i remember as kid they had boats with gas engines my uncle and i fished out of. but you can absolutely get a permit to put your boat in. my 72...