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  1. beldar boathead

    AlumaCraft S-12

    ...And if you don't run the sail aground while you have the boat upside down....
  2. beldar boathead

    AlumaCraft S-12

    Well, if there is minimal or a favorable current and no motorboat traffic, you are good to go! How many people face this issue? In the case a very low bridge wouldn’t dropping the sail and mast if needed and paddling be safer and faster?
  3. beldar boathead

    New North Race Sail

    The generally accepted practice is to use a permanent marker to mark your normal upwind setting on the boom by the clew and tighten it to that setting when you round the leeward mark. Some people mark their lines with a marker instead.
  4. beldar boathead

    AlumaCraft S-12

    You might want to post a new post with a headline specifically asking people for ideas of what it would be worth.
  5. beldar boathead

    AlumaCraft S-12

    A Sunfish of that vintage is worth a few hundred bucks, so this off-brand boat in need of repair will be with less than that.
  6. beldar boathead

    New sail rings look worse than my 42 year old rings!

    Laser Performance frequently seems more focused on cost cutting than engineering. I’d save the old clips just in case.
  7. beldar boathead

    Mast tube repair

    L and VW, this seems unnecessary and overly complicated. Have you actually done this, or is it simply speculation? BB
  8. beldar boathead

    Mast tube repair

    I don’t think you need reinforcement rings. The port will be stiffer than the deck.
  9. beldar boathead

    Alcort Sunfish hull for sale $30

    It’s a 1971 so no HIN on stern. It would have been on a sticker behind the splashrail.
  10. beldar boathead

    Any suggestions for upgrades to my 72 sunfish?

    Yes, so it is on the opposite side of the mast from the deck block. It makes it much easier to get the rig all the way up and cleat it so it stays all the way up. Also makes it easier to rig an effective vang.
  11. beldar boathead

    Installing cam block, with reinforcement underneath

    Yes, there is enough room. No need to drill into the hull.
  12. beldar boathead

    Any suggestions for upgrades to my 72 sunfish?

    "should the block get pulled by something that would damage that mounting location?" In all my years of Sunfish sailing - which is a lot - I have never seen a mounting location damaged once, so this seems like an unneeded precaution. "At your better Yacht Clubs". :cool:
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    Any suggestions for upgrades to my 72 sunfish?

    Yes, use only stainless, and fender washers under the deck.
  14. beldar boathead

    New (to me) Sunfish, question about interesting number on rudder bracket

    Agree with Signal Charlie except I’d sand through the gray on the splashrail and see what the original color is and match that. My guess is it’s the same color as the cockpit or else white.
  15. beldar boathead

    Tacking angle

    I don’t think the key to success is motors or oars. Neither will help on a day with a nice breeze. If there is a good breeze you can sail faster than using a motor. You should optimize your boat for upwind Sailing and then practice, practice, practice. You should read up on racing so you...
  16. beldar boathead

    1970's Wrecked Hull (only).

    There is a wrecked 70s Sunfish for $35 on Facebook in Rock Hall MD.
  17. beldar boathead

    New (to me) Sunfish, question about interesting number on rudder bracket

    Older Sunfish had two brass deck drains.
  18. beldar boathead

    Drilling screws to install inspection port....

    You don’t need nuts and bolts to install a port. Wood screws are good too as are pop rivets.
  19. beldar boathead

    AlumaCraft S-12

    Looking good!!
  20. beldar boathead

    Geezer vs. Racing Rigs

    Well, as an alternative to lying the rig on the grass and deciding where to fasten things, you could read Eduardo Cordero's rigging guide here Sunfish | Starboard Passage I was unaware that the Sunfish racing rig was an evolution of the Polynesian crab claw sail. I think the reasons Gregory...