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  1. AQBill

    Amsteel Blue soft shackles made to order

    Dear Amsteelgear, Perhaps you could take a look at how Sunfish are rigged and and sailed and then suggest where & how your soft shackles might be effectively used. Those who race Sunfish have to make sure that they stick to "one-design" rules and requirements. However, most Sunfish owners are...
  2. AQBill

    Repair Advice

    Dear P Sib You're going to have to clean all these places up before you could determine repair needs. Wouldn't worry so much about the ding on the transom - since it should be out of the water most of the time - but the other two places have some significant damage. Start sanding and see where...
  3. AQBill

    Boat Pics

    "Me and my gut..." Love it! And I know where you're coming from! Looks to me that you could slide you and your gut a little bit forward to better trim your boat... Cheers, AQBill
  4. AQBill

    Winter Storage - Tips?

    On newer fish it's a good idea to store the boat on its starboard side with the drain plug unscrewed in case there's any water in the hull. I also have 4-inch Ronstan inspection ports in front of the daggerboard trunk which I leave open in the winter to facilitate drying out.
  5. AQBill

    Antique (Sunfish-like) Sailboat

    Dear Polaris, Well, the boat is certainly "Sunfish-esque" although clearly not an actual one (except for the boom, gaff, sail and - maybe - the brown wood dagger board which do appear to be from an actual Sunfish). It seems likely that there should be some kind of identification on the hull or...
  6. AQBill

    First sail of 2021

    I envy you your first sail. Mine - I hope - is still a month away!
  7. AQBill

    Storing on the water?

    Dear Peter, I'm sure that someone does what you suggest but I would never recommend leaving a Sunfish in the water for an extended time. Would a launching dolly work for you? Or, perhaps, an on/off roller system on your dock? There are even "drive on" modular docking systems that would allow...
  8. AQBill

    NC Sunfish Tidbit Found at Mariner Site

    Flying Scot, Highlander, Day Sailer (Uffa Fox), Lightning, Catalina 22 would all be a great place to start! Cheers, Bill
  9. AQBill

    Old Boat, New Sail

    Where did you get the Sunfish logo..? I've been looking for two of these myself!
  10. AQBill

    A Theological Question Regarding Sunfish Rigging

    You certainly have my blessings, Mr Mike!
  11. AQBill

    Fast Bottoms??

    Amen, Brother Alan, Amen!
  12. AQBill

    Fast Bottoms??

    You can "step down" in grit much further now than in the past and even get 3000 grit wet/dry sandpaper. The amount of benefit, however, would be minimal in a Sunfish. And, don't forget, you need to do the foils (daggerboard & rudder), too. Just get it clean and keep it that way and spend your...
  13. AQBill

    Looking for safety tips for sailing all alone

    Stollie, it sounds as though you have a good head on your shoulders. Lots of good advice here but the most important thing you can have is a solid understanding of your capabilities and remember to always err on the side of safety. Listen to that wisdom that got you through the first 50+ years!
  14. AQBill

    How will the sunfish handle on Lake Michigan?

    You'll do just fine as the water is still pretty warm (70)! I just returned from Ludington and the water was nice. Just remember to tie everything in and wear your PFD. You might even want to do a couple of capsizes and recoveries so that you are confident that you can do it if you need to...
  15. AQBill

    How to attach deck clam cleats?

    Thanks Charles Howard. This should have been obvious but as my Sunfish is a distance away, it wasn't. Do you recommend wedges to raise the aft ends of the cleats? Several folks have suggested that they might be helpful.
  16. AQBill

    How to attach deck clam cleats?

    Has anyone successfully attached clam cleats to the side deck? And are they held on with screws or epoxy? Many thanks!
  17. AQBill

    getting back in my sunfish

    Hey Serpant! More power to you my friend but I'm afraid you're going to have to find a way to strengthen your arms & shoulders. You've got to be able to reach the near side cockpit edge and pull while & sliding yourself aboard. Has to happen pretty quickly, too, or the boat will have a tendency...
  18. AQBill

    Naming the boat

    My all time favorite boat name is "Sailbad the Sinner"
  19. AQBill

    Best angle to sail downwind

    The Sailingworld article suggested by beldar is good and provides the three most important aspects of downwind sailing: sailing the favored tack, clear air and better wind. These are primary, to be sure, but secondary issues include wind velocity, wave angle (often offset from direction) and...
  20. AQBill

    Sunfish Aluminum Tiller New

    Still available?