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  1. Areiser

    Rocket 22

    hi, I am looking to purchase a rocket 22. (Not a pocket rocket.) Any leads are much appreciated Thanks! Aaron
  2. Areiser

    Wanted :: Cushions

    My plea... I know you all have cushions you do not use that are taking up valuable space in that basement or garage. It is time to let them go. My family is planning a week long trip to the Chesapeake and the plan is to live aboard. So, cushions are a must. Please help... ;)
  3. Areiser

    2 Spinnakers For Sale

    White, Teal and Pink Tri - 95 Sobstad - Clean shape and good condition for it's age - 2 patches - Crispy 6/10 - $250 + Shipping (was $350) Teal with Broad Pink Stripe - North Sails - Very clean - 3 patches. - Crispy 8/10 - $450 + Shipping (was $550)
  4. Areiser

    Vector drawing or EPS?

    Does anyone have an illustrated version of the j24 as a vector file? .eps, .ai or similar? Working on a T-Shirt design. Similar to this (This is not offered as a vector file)... Thanks!!
  5. Areiser

    Cabin Cushion Patterns

    Hello, Does anyone have cushion patterns that they could send me? Thanks, Aaron
  6. Areiser

    Wanted :: Boat Trade

    Hello, A long-shot here but I am very interested in joining the J24 class and am looking for anyone that might be interested in a boat trade. I have a Beneteau First 210 with Trailer (Factory mast raising system), Honda outboard, Asymmetrical spinnaker setup, Full set of sails, 2 mains. New...