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  1. AQBill

    How to attach deck clam cleats?

    Has anyone successfully attached clam cleats to the side deck? And are they held on with screws or epoxy? Many thanks!
  2. AQBill

    Mast Cleat Recommendation

    I'd like a recommendation for a horn cleat to be used to tie off the halyard and also a recommendation as to where and how to attach the cleat and, finally, what size & length halyard to use. Many thanks! AQBill
  3. AQBill

    A Theological Question Regarding Sunfish Rigging

    Dear Fellow Sunfish Enthusiasts, Is there any reason for the Sunfish to be rigged with the boom to port? I know that the sail is full on the starboard tack and that on port tack the sail is pressed against the mast. And, of course, I also know that the influence of the mast on sail shape...
  4. AQBill

    Edge Trim

    Dear fellow Sunfish enthusiasts, I know that you all - from time to time - have helped to carry Sunfish or Lasers with a banged-up rail just waiting to assault your fingers with some fiberglass/epoxy splinters. This is particularly the case for club boats... In any case, as the Fleet Captain for...
  5. AQBill

    It's a Sandfish!

    Fellow Sunfishers, I have had a deuce of a time this year getting masts out of our Sunfish which spent a lovely summer on the beach - and in the water - near Ludington, Michigan. The winds being what they are and the sand being what it is pretty much locked in the Sunfish masts. I finally...
  6. AQBill

    US Sunfish Fleets

    OK, I've been to several websites and still can't find a listing of current US Fleets and their Fleet Captains. Maps would be nice - global, national, regional, etc. I'm sure that somebody out there knows where this information is kept.:confused:
  7. AQBill

    Real Family Values

    Dear Laser Forum Members, I'm responsible for the repair and upkeep of 10 Club Boats for my sailing Club (Muscle Shoals Sailing Club in Alabama). Among these are two 1980s vintage Lasers that have had their mast steps and nearby decks ripped asunder. I presume the original mast steps let...
  8. AQBill

    Storage Racks

    My sailing club (the world famous Muscle Shoals Sailing Club in northwest Alabama) has given me the task of rebuilding - or tearing down and building new - our old (30+ years) Laser and Sunfish storage racks. Have any of you seen any particular storage rack designs that have impressed you with...
  9. AQBill

    Edge Guards

    After shredding my fingers on more-than-a-few rough rolled-edge Lasers and Sunfish it occurs to me that there has to be a trim guard product out there that would not only protect fingers but also serve to protect the vulnerable hull-topside joint...particularly when new sailers play "bumper...
  10. AQBill

    New Sunrise Sail

    Brand-new, in-original-package Sunrise Sunfish sail. This sail was made by North and so is a "class legal" beauty that is just perfect for that classic off-the-beach look. The price is $200 plus shipping.:D
  11. AQBill

    Pre-'72 Rudder Part

    Need brass piece that is mounted on hull of pre-'72 Sunfish. The piece that the rudder assembly snaps into,:D
  12. AQBill

    Temporary Patch

    Well, Sunfish brothers and sisters, on the last day of last year's vacation my beach fish had an unfortunate meeting with a beach rock which resulted in a 8 by 2 inch hole in the starboard chine. This year I'll have but a day to whip it back in shape in order to defend my first place finish in...
  13. AQBill

    Halyard Histrionics

    OK brothers and sisters, I've read all the recommendations about where to tie the clove hitch on the gaff and how to adjust for wind. Most rigging guides say to start just below the "10th clip" or the "10th grommet" and then go from there with the gaff getting "taller" and the vang getting...
  14. AQBill

    Class Flag

    Where can one obtain a Sunfish Class Flag? My sailing club - Muscle Shoals Sailing Club in northwest Alabama - is nearing completion of a new clubhouse and we're thinking of nautical themed decorating. I though a set of various Class flags would be just the ticket!
  15. AQBill

    Cover Recommendations

    Dear Sunfishers, I would like some recommendations on sailboat covers. I have been most pleased with Sailors Tailor covers over the years and they seem to holdup well here in the usually warm and humid south - although they are a bit pricy. I know there are other good ones out there so give me...
  16. AQBill

    Replacing Spring Post

    I have a '95 vintage wood Sunfish rudder with a heavily oxidized spring post that is almost warn through. Are there any tricks or recommendations regarding removal of the old one and installation of the new one? Several people have indicated that it's just pressure fit and all I need do is hit...
  17. AQBill

    WEST vs. Marine Tex

    Took a significant, nasty chunk out of my fish's starboard chine due to unintended impact with concrete. I know I can make a big deal out of this by cutting out damaged section and re-glassing but I was thinking that perhaps filling it in with epoxy putty and a little sanding might be the way to...
  18. AQBill

    Mast Step Protection

    I sail off a sandy beach a lot and worry about getting sand in the mast step. I notice that the Laser folks have some high tech plates and such that not only protect the fiberglass but also facilitate mast rotation. Even though there's not so much rotation in a Sunfish owing to the halyard...
  19. AQBill

    Repairing Split Rudder

    My wooden (mahogany) rudder split into approximately equal fore and aft sections. Any particular advice or tricks that I should use to put this back together? I did notice that there were dowel rods through it but I was thinking of using WEST epoxy which should provide plenty of strength. Thanks!
  20. AQBill

    Old Sails/New Numbers

    Is there a preferred method to remove stick-on numbers from sails without regret? I have two very good used racing sails with someone else's numbers and I'd like to replace them with my (new) numbers.