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  1. Jack Davis

    Parting out 1979 j24

    Forestay stem head? Thru bar spreader?
  2. Jack Davis

    J24 part out

    Spinnaker? Forestay stemhead? Cushions? Bow wood inserts for bunk? Any of these?
  3. Jack Davis

    Parting out Yellow 1979 J/24

    also do you have a thrubar spreader and the interior bow inserts for the cusions?
  4. Jack Davis

    Parting out Yellow 1979 J/24

    still have the stem head for the bow?
  5. Jack Davis

    1978 Part Out

    do you have the wood inserts for the bow?
  6. Jack Davis

    Cushions - interior

    Are rhe cushions still available?
  7. Jack Davis

    1977 J24 parts available

    If bow hatch is still available how much?
  8. Jack Davis

    Blade or genoa wanted

    I had my blade stolen off the boat and am tryning to replace it with an old race jib for super cheap. My budget is about $200 please let me know if you have anything
  9. Jack Davis

    WTB Genoa

    the link doesnt lead me anywhere. Could you send me a price and photos to
  10. Jack Davis

    WTB Genoa

    Looking to buy a cheap genoa my budget is very low this will be my first season racing. Wanting to spend only about $200 please let me know if anyone has any retired sails I could buy. This is the last sail I need to complete the boat. -Jack
  11. Jack Davis

    J-24 Parts

    Still have the stemhead tang? and is it in good condition?
  12. Jack Davis

    Setting Rake on a J24

    I just got new spreaders installed on a j24 and was curious on how to measure to set the rake on the spreaders. Also how do I set this...shims, epoxy, drilling another screw, I have no idea please let me know. -Jack
  13. Jack Davis

    1977 J24 parts available

    Interested in the spreaders and would like to know the condition do you have any photos? -Jack
  14. Jack Davis

    J24 Spreader WTB

    Snapped a Spreader the other day and am trying to figure out what type of spreader I have to replace. Or does any one recommend any upgrades or a thru bar I'm trying to get the boat race ready. Photo attached is my snapped spreader its the starboard spreader. Please let me know what you think. -Jack
  15. Jack Davis

    Cushions - Complete Set

    Still available?
  16. Jack Davis

    J24 sails

    Is the spinnaker still available? The non repaired one
  17. Jack Davis

    Trailer wanted; short-term

    Looking to borrow or rent a J24 trailer in the San Francisco bay area I'm located in Alameda. I need one for a couple weeks and cant afford to buy one as I'm only 18. If you could please help let me know. My goal is to get the boat race ready for spring. -Jack
  18. Jack Davis

    J24 trailer for borrow- SF Bay

    Does anyone have a j24 trailer I could borrow for a weekend while I repair my thru hulls for speed and depth. Also if anyone had lifting straps to do it too. Please let me know I am located in alameda by svendsens and willing to pick up any where.