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    Crew Available - Jboats Montreal, QC. area

    Hi Mike, are you interested in driving to Plattsburgh, and the NY Pennant Series? Shoot me an e-mail - Thanks Tim
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    Cross Sheet Main Traveler

    Thanks Bob, I figured it was a little outdated as I was not finding anything. The continuous line options sounds great to me. Thanks for all of the information! I have trimmed on a 24 before but never drove, so this part of the boat is a bit of a learning curve. Tim
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    Cross Sheet Main Traveler

    Hi Dogfish, I was actually talking about the set up I saw on the north sails video from the 90s. Maybe the system is no longer used I am not sure. It had a turning block for the traveler sheet , which was continuous so you could pre-set the traveler before a tack. I just purchased the boat...
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    Cross Sheet Main Traveler

    I have seen a cross sheeting system for the main travelers on J24s. When I asked APS about it, they did not seem to know what I was talking about. So I was hoping someone could let me know the size of the blocks that are needed, length of the traveler sheet, and the size of the eye hole...