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    Nexus ComNav Racing Compass and Spider - $200 OBO NC

    This is an as new Nexus ComNav compass and spider, as shown in the pictures. It's set up for the full running rigging, including improved vang and downhaul. New Price - $200 OBO plus shipping unless you pick up. We are in the Lake Norman area.
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    Laser Trailer for the DIY crowd...

    Here's some pictures of my cheap trailer. It uses a standard $250 Northern Tools trailer and modifications to make it Laser friendly. Material is a 10' piece of treated deck wood ( 5.5" wide, about an inch thick ) two 8" angles from the hardware store, two carpet scraps and a handful of nuts...
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    What's New ?

    I'd love to see the 'What's New' tab follow thru the forums.. so you could click on it from any page. It disappears once you've found your way to read your first new thread on the Laser Forum list, for instance... I know the back button will get me back, but somewhere along the line I got used...
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    Wanted - Laser 4.7 sail and lower mast

    I'm in NC and looking for a 4.7 sail and lower mast section for my grandson. At this point I don't think 'race legal' is an issue. Email me rhattaway at rocketmail dot com please, or reply here. Thanks.
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    Harken ceiling support dimensions...

    I am interested in one of the Harken ceiling support systems for my boat. I have plenty of available space in my garage for such a device, but need to put up support structure for the connection points. Does anyone have the layout of this system handy? All I need is the distance between...
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    Another Trailering Thread

    And I wanted to play with posting pictures here... I have a C-15 and a Laser. On family vacations we want to use both, as the grandkids love the Laser and the groups wanna go on a bigger boat. Here's the trailering solution for a weeklong family vacation. I have several more pix if...
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    Rivet Hole Location

    So as not to hijack the ageing spars post, I copy from it and.... This makes plenty of sense, but where *do* you put the rivet? Toward the back makes me think of a compressive failure, and on each side seems to be the best answer to a non-mechanical/materials engineer. Richard # 83315