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    Stuck Carbon Top Section

    take a length of line and tie a bowline above the gooseneck. Make sure it is tight lower section and it is long enough to be about two fee past the butt end of the lower section. Then tie the other end of the line to something fixed in the ground like a fence post. Face the butt end of the...
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    Hull damage

    I had a similar issue with the same area of my bow and I used polyester resin and west systems filler. Mix up the resin and catalyst and then add the filler until it has the consistency of peanut butter. I used painters tape and cardboard to create a mold around the bow to shape the resin as...
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    Tiller advice please

    If you do not have a spliced eye in the traveler line then I assume that you are tying a bowline to form the loop through which you secure the traveler line. If that is the case then it is the knot from the bowline that is rubbing against the tiller. To solve this issue tie a larger loop in...