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    ISCA & USSCA website(s) marked as malware sites

    This is just hopeless! I have wanted to join the class and see what regattas are posted around the country for 2013. Cannot plan anything for the next year if there's no info to read. Darn it!
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    Deleting Ads

    It is time for the "for sale" and "want to buy" sections to become "time dated" ! They should only be posted for a certain time -say, 2 months maximum and then automatically delete. To have 72 pages of old ads dating back years just serves no purpose. It is obvious that members don't take the...
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    2004 Pro laser/Kitty Hawk trailer

    please email me and send pics to . Tell me where you are in Texas.
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    Wanted: Radial 2004 or newer

    Looking for a newer boat in excellent condition with trailer & dolly and all the racing parts with radial mast section and sail. email