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    slight curve in mast port to starboard above spreader on 16.5 Capri

    There are some You tube videos about this. One suggestion is to mark where the bend is and place the mast on two supports with the bend in the center and simply push down with a bouncing motion to remove the bend. Check your progress frequently so as to not go too far. Good luck.
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    Center board Bungee

    I haven't had any luck getting answers here before, but I'll try again. My new to me 1984 14.2 has a double braid line from the centerboard to an eye on the transom to keep the board down. I'm sure this should be a bungee to give shock absorption in case of impact with something. What size...
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    New owner 1984 Capri 14.2

    The previous owner used the forestay deck attachment bracket to attach his winch hook to winch the boat onto the trailer. Is that bracket strong enough to continue to do that? Do any owners install a bow eye for the winch? Can anyone tell me the dimensions of the Baby Bob mast float ( length...