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    2012 North Newport Spinnaker and Lopez blocks for sale

    How much would it cost to ship the spinnaker to So Cal?
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    Epoxy to Aluminium

    Bonding epoxy resin to aluminum has a few tricks- all of which are mentioned by WEST product information. I simply rough up the metal , mix the epoxy, use wet sanding paper and sand the epoxy into the metal, then laminate biaxial materials to that. G flex does exceed at bonding to aluminum...
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    2007 Galvinized Laser Trailer

    Like brand new. Dec. 2007. Nautical America(Kitty Hawk) Galvinized laser trailer. Probably 100 miles of use at most. Basically new!! First 400USD takes it!! Dave 805 701 4074
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    2007 Laser Pro with Trailer For sale

    The Boat Is Sold. The New Trailer(kitty Hawk) Is Available For $400.
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    2007 Laser Pro with Trailer For sale

    no dolly, sorry. Send me an email to, and I'll send you my phone number. Dave
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    2007 Laser Pro with Trailer For sale

    2007 Laser Pro. Top and Bottom Covers(storm). Carbon tiller and extension(Acme) Laser Outhaul kit, all upgrades. Galvinized "Kitty Hawk" Trailer. Red and gray colors. No leaks, no cracks. Used 10 times only. Sold new 11/2007. Save a bundle! $4400. Reply to <>
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    2005 Laser Pro Unused for sale

    2005 Laser Pro. Sail and rigging and hull and blades never in water. Comes with a fairly new trailer(kitty hawk style), new blade bag and new deck cover too. Blue and white hull, light grey deck. Contact me at: <>Located in Southern California. I can't deliver this...