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    J 24 repair Rhode Island

    Is that the result of blisters? Or are you referring to the minor damage at the bow? Unless there's a lot of core damage that doesn't look that bad. Not even sure that there's any core in that area. It's probably the strongest part of the boat.
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    Battery Cable Length and Size

    Really depends where you locate the battery. You want it as low as possible and well secured. For racing we use the smallest battery that we can get by with. Thus our conductors are 12ga. This calculator will help. Cable Sizing Calculator -
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    Epoxy to Aluminium

    Contact WEST Sys., G-Flex may be a better choice.
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    Vermiculite repair?

    From: Used Boat Buyer’s Guide | International J/24 Class Association In 1980, Tillotson-Pearson, Inc. (T.P.I.) implemented two major construction changes on J/24s. The new style hatches appeared and vermiculite was removed from the sumps. This occurred at roughly hull #1900. If at all possible...
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    Rocker Support for J24 Trailer

    You mean the pipe and support pad.? Most J trailers are made by Triad, I'd give them a try. For All Your Parts Needs
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    Electric Outboard Question

    One of our crew has one on a Catalina 22, which is not a slippery boat. Works fine for getting off the dock and a few miles home when the wind dies. The Cat 22 ain't much of a drifter. You may want to check out the Elco electrics too.
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    J22 or J24?

    Yes you can sail the 24 with the mail alone. I've rigged my 22 for single handed sailing with the main and blade. This fine for light going during evening races. When the wind builds you'll want some crew weight.
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    J/24 Keel repair - heavy delamination, repairable?

    Is that filler or lead delamination?