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    Looking for a lightly used Mk2 sail - Laser

    Yes, has the orange button, The red sailmakers insignia also has the serial number of the sail, 4.5/class legal, etc. not the Intensity or other knock offs.
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    Looking for a lightly used Mk2 sail - Laser

    If you have not purchased so far we have several new MKII sails with the classic Laser starburst, Back when LP was forcing dealers to buy 10 at a time...anyway the retail is $530/sail, batten sets $45. Plus shipping, and if in Michigan sales tax. Midwest sailing, Michigan. Rick at
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    Laser 2 mast step wanted

    We have one at Midwest Sailing in Michigan. We have the newer version and the classic version (new one of each) , need a photo? Then respond to
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    Rudder wanted

    We have a used rudder for your boat here in Michigan.
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    Late model excellent cond Laser; midwest

    Check the Midwest Sailing website at for a used Laser.