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  1. Mashmaster

    best way to fix the top of the mast step hole?

    Fiberglass laid down, needs to be sanded.
  2. Mashmaster

    best way to fix the top of the mast step hole?

    I would but my son already went to fixing it last night, ground the area down an laid down three layers of glass. Gotta love it when a 17 year old does all his own repair work :-) I will post pics today of the progress.
  3. Mashmaster

    best way to fix the top of the mast step hole?

    Thanks, I figured it was something like that. He just finished a full year of hard racing with a bunch of races in the gulf so the boat had lots of stresses.
  4. Mashmaster

    best way to fix the top of the mast step hole?

    After each day of racing my son's laser would end up with about a quart of water in the hull. We finally think we tracked it down. The bubble test showed bubble at the top of the mast cup right at the seam between the deck and the cup on one side. not a huge leak but we want to take care of...
  5. Mashmaster

    Can you car top a Laser on a Honda Fit?

    Digging up an ancient thread. I am wondering if this worked? I have an RV that I take to Sailing regattas and would like to tow my Honda Fit behind with the Laser topped on top of that.
  6. Mashmaster

    1979 Laser Restoration Questions/Thread

    I had a Laser about the age of yours. After going through the process of getting it up and sailing, the floor of the cockpit cracks and had huge soft spots on the floor. It was more trouble that it was worth for me. And my son was getting full bore into racing Lasers on the youth circuit so I...
  7. Mashmaster

    What are the changes to the shape at the top of mast as compared to the model 1.

    You are making more? I am still interested in one
  8. Mashmaster

    Hiking strap replacements

    Old thread, can someone take a picture of how the back hiking strap is threaded through the slots? For the front straps are they just crimped by the metal fittings?
  9. Mashmaster

    Secure centerboard

    Mine has a small hole in the top of the centerboard and matching holes in the barney post, that I can slide a metal pin through.
  10. Mashmaster

    Hiking strap bails

    Thank you, can you take a picture how the strap is wrapped at the stern as well? I couldn't figure that part out. Also how the strap is connected up front, lease
  11. Mashmaster

    mast float

    OK, so I got a Baby Bob and I didn't realize how big it is. Is it really worth it?
  12. Mashmaster

    Hiking strap bails

    I have the parts mounted to the hull. The bails are the part connected to the Barney post that look like shackels
  13. Mashmaster

    Mast support for trailering

    Yeah I saw that, but then this post threw me a little. thinking that maybe one side if the transom was more solid than the other half.
  14. Mashmaster

    Mast support for trailering

    I know this is super old thread. Question, is the left side of the transom reinforced? There used to be a motor mount on mine I think and was thinking I could mount a ladder where it used to be.
  15. Mashmaster

    New to me Capri 14.2

    Finally got Watermelon out on the water last night. Everything seems to work well. I noticed as one of the kids stood on the seat there was a bit of flex, is that normal? It feels solid to my hand but should I be concerned? Since it is a mod 1, should I consider reinforcing under the seats...
  16. Mashmaster

    Laser for Sale (standard rig)

    Why don't you live closer to me? This looks like a great deal.
  17. Mashmaster

    My yacht club started the youth program, I was helping the kids with their boats.....

    I feel your pain, I am a Skipper of a Sea Scout Ship. We have many times that we go sailing and come back with something else is broken.... Eventually it ends. Maybe schedule a time to rig the boats up in a dry situation and go over them to inventory what is needed to be replaced?
  18. Mashmaster

    Armada Relocation

    Good luck on the sale of the house. It looks lovely, I would love to be on the water just my wife is too afraid of hurricanes.
  19. Mashmaster

    Fiberglass damage

    I use an electric leaf blower pointed at the drain plug a few inches away and it works fine. I don't cover the hole, I won't use a compressor for it IMHO. Yo don't need much pressure at all just a small bit to get the bubbles.
  20. Mashmaster

    Hiking strap bails

    My new to me Capri doesn't have hiking straps. I ordered a set which should so up soon. But I don't have any hiking bails to attach them. They are back ordered and will appear someday. Has anyone attached them with line instead? I figure I can use line to attach them while I wait for the...