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    How can I break in a new sheet?

    I bought a new sheet of 3/8-inch line but it's too slippery to grasp easily with the nitrile work gloves that I like to use. I've found that sheets are like wine - the older the better when it comes to pulling and holding them. Older, weathered sheets are fuzzier and the shine is worn away...
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    Racing Rule Question

    Boats A and B are running and approaching the downwind mark, which they must leave to port. Their courses are parallel but Boat A is ahead, outside, and on starboard tack, while Boat B is behind, inside, and on port tack. Boat B has overlap as they enter the three boat-length circle. Does Boat A...
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    "When you can see the shore behind the mark, it's easy to tell the lifted tack..."

    Help! I found this on page 6 of an article about using a compass to determine when to tack: My question is, what is this "easy" way to determine the best tack when you can see the shore behind the mark?
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    Sunfish side-switching as you tack - How do you do it?

    Hello, This will be my first post on this forum. I've been sailing for a couple of months now and the only type of boat that I have sailing experience with so far is the Sunfish. One of the biggest difficulties I've encountered has been learning how to switch sides when I tack. I took a course...