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    Sealing the Coaming

    Did a leak test today and realized I have some leaks on a couple of the rivets on the coaming and the autobailer. I know I have to replace my autobailer, but as far as the coaming goes, is there a recommended way to sealing it that doesn't involve taking the coaming off? Should I even worry...
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    Replacement for stock swivel cam cleat

    Looking to replace this guy so I don’t have to hold the sheet the whole time I’m sailing. Thinking about getting this from intensity sails. Is that a good replacement? Hoping to be able to use the existing holes that the current cam cleat uses.
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    Second Sail Tomorrow - Could Use Some Advice!

    My second ever sail happens tomorrow. I took the day off work. As you can see, there's a bit of an obstacle. Namely, a rock wall that spans the width of the lake right where I get in via the public boat launch. There is a narrow gap, about the width of a car and a half that I have to get through...
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    Can’t Remove Center Hub Nut From Trailer

    Trailer question - remove if you feel it’s not sunfish oriented enough, but I am struggling to remove the center nut from the hub on my sunfish trailer. Anyone have any ideas? Thought it might have reverse threading so I’ve tried both directions but it will not budge. Everything I’ve googled...
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    Show Me Your Bungee

    Seeking pictures of your daggerboard/bungee setup. I've searched the forums and while I've seen many speak of their setup, I could really use some pictures to get an idea of how the cord/clips orientation works. Just want to make sure I order the right thing before I start buying things. Looking...
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    Tomorrow I Launch For the First Time - Seeking Last Minute Advice

    Today was a bit too gusty, but tomorrow it looking to be pretty good. Had a change of venue as well but Buoy Weather report: I'll probably hit the water at around 11 am. Any last minute advice? My only outstanding question at this point is - how does the autobailer work? Do I pull the plug...
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    How's My Rigging?

    The wind has calmed enough for me to do a test rigging. Hoping you all won't mind taking a look and let me know if something doesn't look right.
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    Got A Trailer, Prepping For A Sunfish.

    So I got a trailer. I think it’ll work for my sunfish, but I’m guessing I’ll need to outfit it to best support a sunfish. What recommendations do you guys have with this in mind? Which areas of the boat need support when transporting?
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    How to Secure A Sunfish to a Dock?

    Thinking about when I’m finally able to launch my sunfish and want to prep for the idea of doing it alone. I’ll likely arrive to the public launch with a trailer, move the boat from the trailer to the dolly and then dolly it over to the water, once I get it in the water, I’ll need a way to tie...
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    EZ Rec Rack For Sunfish

    Given my continued failure to find a suitable trailer for my sunfish, I’m starting to think of possible alternatives. Facebook must have known this because they showed me an ad for this roof rack system used mainly for kayaks. Any chance this would work with a sunfish? I somehow still doubt my...
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    The Final Hurdle - Boat Trailer

    Sorry for all the posts, just anxious to get everything in order so I can finally get my fish in the water. The final and biggest hurdle at this point is a boat trailer. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for one but find it difficult to either find one within budget and one that seems suitable...
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    Questions Regarding Installing New Sail

    My new sail should be arriving in a few days, and I have a couple questions regarding the installation of the new sail to the spars/boom. For frame of reference, I'll be using the sunfish manual found here, starting on page 5/9...
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    Getting Ready to Refinish the Daggerboard, Tiller and Rudderblade - Tips?

    I know this topic has been done to death, however I often find a certain level of detail missing. I've sanded the wooden bits with 80/120/220 and I've got the epoxy and varnish. I've got some sponge brushes and a mixing cup for the epoxy. The details I'm looking for are - 1. How should I apply...
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    Got it Home...Now in the "What Did I Get Myself Into" Phase

    Just want to thank everyone for the helpful tips on getting the boat home. It's here and up on sawhorses. Now to clean it and assess what needs to be done. Not going to lie, I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing, but hopefully I can figure it out and get this thing out on the water...
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    Well, just purchased a Sunfish tonight. Now I just have to get it home...

    No trailer. Looked into getting a uhaul, but after taxes, fees, insurance, etc, it was going to cost just as much as the sunfish. Would it be possible to rent a pickup truck and get it home that way? 8' bed for a 14' boat seems sketchy, but wonder if anyone here was able to make that work...