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    Composite daggerboard make?

    Going to look and hopefully buy a locally advertised daggerboard tomorrow (for a sunfish) Its a composite type (apparently brand new) made by skeeter products. I tried looking online but havent had any luck finding any info on this type. does anyone have any knowledge or experience with this...
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    What were these holes in my sunfish cockpit?

    In my sunfish there is a smallish (3/16 ish) hole in the front wall of the cockpit (centre) and a larger 3/4” approx hole in the rear upper port side. The large one had screw holes on either side of it. Just wondering what these might have been for at on time. Currently just a good way to let...
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    I screwed up! Warped Daggerboard

    Well I was all keen last fall to redo my sunfish. One of the projects was repairing the wooden daggerboard and I removed the finish with chemical stripper down to bare wood but then life got busy and project got put aside. Decided to get back on it and to my dismay I see my daggerboard now has...
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    Car Topping a Sunfish...first time went well

    Needed to get our sunfish home to do some repairs and dry it out a bit. I don't have a trailer and wasn't sure how I was going to manage it. My wife lent me her Subaru Forester but while it has roof rails running front to back it does not have rails running across. I had read somewhere on...
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    advice for repairing daggerboard?

    been trying to search for tips for repairing daggerboards but only seem to find info on repairing finishes. I have a daggerboard with damage from hitting submerged rocks and want to repair it prior to sailing this year but need some advice on products to use and if any advice on the procedure...