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  1. Pete Z

    Stability and Baby Bobs

    I have owned a Omega 14 for several years now and have found you have to be constantly aware of this hulls stability. As an example: I was at anchor in about 2' of water and was sitting in the boat just aft of the mast. I moved in some way I don't remember and the boat rolled over. No harm...
  2. Pete Z

    MINIFISH Parts

    Mast for Minifish - $35. This mast is a few inches short of a standard mast but is suitable if you can't get a standard mast. Centerboard - $45. This c/b has some damage as you can see from the foto but should not affect performance. The story on this is that it had been stored under cover...
  3. Pete Z

    Minifish for sale

    This Minifish is of unknown age but is in very good condition. (Note: there is no serial number formed on the hull, it was probably on an aluminum decal that has come off. Also the wood image decals that were on the coaming and stern have been lost to time.) However the hull is sound with few...
  4. Pete Z

    Sunfish Sail

    I have a well used Sunfish sail that still has some use in it. Sorta saggy with a few small holes that have been taped over with sail tape. Certainly not good for racing but OK if you just want do recreational sailing.
  5. Pete Z

    Another Sunfish

    I just went crazy again and bought another Sunfish. This is my 5th Fish, not counting a Sailfish, two Minifish and two Force Fives along the way. I have been sailing an Omega 14 recently but I have found that the time spent setting up and taking down eats into my sailing time. So I will be...
  6. Pete Z

    Quick release binder bolt

    I bought a quick release binder bolt for the gooseneck from Intensity Sails. The item works well but there is a prbolem. The threaded bolt on mine is made of something less than stainless steel and has shown some corrosion. I am now removing it after every sail and spraying it with WD-40.
  7. Pete Z

    Centerboard well flaps

    I had posted earlier on a fix for centerboard well flaps using vinyl floor base. Did not work out to well, vinyl to soft with little tensile strength. Trailer roller (H cross section) chewed it up. Bit the bullet and bought the kit from Catalina. Bit of a problem their too. The plastic...
  8. Pete Z

    Centerboard well flaps, leaks

    The centerboard well flaps on my 1983 Omega 14 had gone to wrack & ruin, they were all torn and the strips holding them in place were cracked and missing pieces. I removed all this mess yesterday. Since I had noticed the boat leaked a fair amount when left floating I decided to try to find...
  9. Pete Z

    Sailing on Pamlico Sound

    Trailed my Omega 14 down to Rodanthe NC which is between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pamlico sound. I have a cottage down there and my three sons had come there to help me do some maintenance on the cottage. They had made me promise to bring the boat as they had never sailed on it. There is...
  10. Pete Z

    Boom Part

    My Omega 14 had a set to with a telephone line today. Broke the fore stay and brought the mast down. The boom end fitting, an aluminum casting, was broken so the boom can't mate with the gooseneck. Searching for a replacement. Anyone have an idea where I could get one?
  11. Pete Z

    Collapsed Mast Base

    I bought a 1981 Omega 14 in January and worked all winter to get it ready for the sailing season. On my second outing in April a friend and I were calmly sailing along when we heard a loud crunch. At first I thought I had run into a crab pot but my buddy quickly let me know that the mast...