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  1. calicosine

    79 laser for sale

    a great boat for someone lokking to get into sailing lasers, 1979 blue hull, all lines re new, new vang and cunningham upgrades, origional main sail, new practice sail, radial sail and masts, one extra full rig mast, medium vest, wet suit(m) sits on a 16 ft trailer...
  2. calicosine


    larsencanvas and i are headed up to vancouver canada to the royal canadian yacht club to sail in a three day regatta, anybody else from the forum heading up? should be a great event, they are expecting 70 lasers plus other centerboard classes.
  3. calicosine

    radial sail and mast

    i am looking for a used radial mast and sail in the seattle area. if you have one you would be willing to part with let me know. i have a full rig mast, upper and boom i would be willing to trade.thanks..........terry
  4. calicosine

    laser standard mast vs radial mast

    what is the difference between the standard mast and the radial mast? can you make a radial mast out of a standard mast? i have an extra standard mast and am thinking of moving down to a radial sail because of my weight. on very windy days i'm way too light to be able to handle the big rig.i'm...
  5. calicosine

    breaking in new sail

    i have a brand new sail i want to break in this weekend. what is the reccomended way to do this? how much wind is too much?are there any points of sailing you should avoid untill the sail is broke in?.....thanks to all.......terry
  6. calicosine

    learn to sail exam test question

    hey all, i'm taking this class at a parks and recreation facility so i can rent their lasers so i can take a friend out on the lake. as part of the requirements i have to take a written test and this is one of the more confusing questions on it. now is it just me or does this question seem...
  7. calicosine

    laser sailing on puget sound-seattle

    i will be going out on the race committee boat today(march 12) to help with todays race,this will be first day of a two weekend series before the main race season starts. for those of you who have never been to seattle, the cyc(corinthian yacht club) races on puget sound(shilshoe) and on lake...
  8. calicosine

    Elvstrom Laser sails

    i've been reading a lot of the old posts and i've never sen any mention of the elvstrom sail for the laser, does anyone know how old these sails are? are they still or were they ever legal sails? are they any different from the north and hyde sails........lighter?.......heavier?????
  9. calicosine

    main sheet block-which one

    i'm going to replace my old ratchitng main block today, any thoughts on wich to use{harken or ronstan} what size 40 or 57?does either work better than the other, price is about the same($62.00 here in seattle at west marine) which one comes on the new pro setups? has anyone tried the newmar...
  10. calicosine

    teflon strips for mast

    i was wondering if anyone else had put these wear strips on their lower mast where it goes in the deck? i put them on today and sailed and then when it came time to unstep the mast i couldn't get the lower out!seemed like it was creating too much suction? maybe too tight? had to drive home with...
  11. calicosine

    used dolly in seattle

    i am looking for a used dolly in the seattle area for my laser, if anyone has one or knows of one drop me a line.......thanks:)
  12. calicosine

    hello to all

    hello all, i am new to this site and to sailing lasers {and sailing in general}. i am in the seattle area and just got the laser last summer at the end and have spent the winter upgrading the boat.i got the laser for free{1978 lsaer 70119} boat is in good shape and i have fixed everything on it...