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  1. Woodwind

    It is getting cold here, what kind of Smock is everyone wearing?

    I’ve been layering up with a lightweight rain top but I think I’m going to graduate to a sailing Smock. What is your preference?
  2. Woodwind

    Sea Dek Pads for Sunfish - Whaddya’ Think?

    Hello Sunfish-i-a-nados, l’m contemplating using the SeaDek kit for my Sunfish there’s one at Intensity Sails. Also thinking about having a piece to put around the backside of the cockpit.... Or I may just get some of the pad and cut it myself. I’m not interested in having a padded cockpit sole...
  3. Woodwind

    My New to Me 1990’s Sunfish Boom has a Camber

    Do the new booms come this way or is this just a result of the sailing stressors over time?
  4. Woodwind

    Five Digit Class Sail Numbers - Is Anybody Shortening their Sail Numbers?

    The Sunfish sail numbers are now up to five digits. It was suggested to me that one could shorten the five digit number to the three last digits when applying them to the sail. What do you all think? Would this cause confusion somehow??? The likelihood of having the same digits as someone...
  5. Woodwind

    In Search of a Good Paddle to fit In Cubby

    In trying to locate a paddle that would fit neatly in the Sunfish cubby without sticking out and hanging up on my hiking strap or mainsheet I ended up trying four different paddles, one was a freebie. (Beware That on Amazon the listed collapsed paddle lengths are not correct for three out of...
  6. Woodwind

    Inexpensive Sturdy Bailer with Handle that Can be Secured

    I traded in my gallon milk jug for this one. It has a handle And is sturdy. Fits in the cubby the price is right.
  7. Woodwind

    What Size Ball Fits into the Mast Step to keep out Debris? And how well does a racquetball seal the mast interior?

    We’ve had racquet balls recommended for the interior of the mast to replace the old dry cork plugs. I figure there’s an alternative also for the mast step when you’ve hauled your boat up out of the water for the day, don’t want to put the cover on it yet and want to keep out leaves and other...
  8. Woodwind

    Colie Sails and Crew - Great Support and Inventory for Dinghy Sailors - You Can Chat With Them by Phone if Needed

    Kudos to Clay and crew at Colie Sails! BTW Colie Sails has all the bits and pieces needed for the Sunfish too, down to cotter pins for the pintle. They even stock rolls of 3M electrical tape.... Here is my experience: It looks like it is one of those sailing stores that I’d like to bump around...
  9. Woodwind

    Colie Sails - Great Customer Service - Friendly “Crew” you can talk to on the phone if needed

    Kudos to Clay and crew at Colie Sails! BTW Colie Sails has all the bits and pieces needed for the Sunfish too, down to cotter pins for the pintle. They even stock rolls of 3M electrical tape.... Here is my experience: It looks like it is one of those sailing stores that I’d like to bump around...
  10. Woodwind

    What Gloves are You Using, my Gill gloves are Slippery with Robline Mainsheet

    OK I have the Gill four seasons full finger gloves. I’ve been sailing out in about 15 to 18 kts with higher gusts for the last few days and it’s pretty hard for me to stop the mainsheet from slipping through my hands. When I sail bigger boats I normally use the standard 3/4 finger split leather...
  11. Woodwind

    “Sticky” Daggerboard, Resistant to Being Pushed Down Fully

    My fiberglass dagger board slides into the slot and then goes down about 3/4 of the way maybe less than 3/4, and then it gets very stiff. I’m afraid to push it farther because I think it may get stuck in the slot. My upwind performance is suffering when I need to claw home, but until I figure...
  12. Woodwind

    What Size Halyard are You Using?

    What diameter and length halyard are you using? So I’ve got this new halyard I haven’t installed it yet and it mic’s out around 5 mm it’s really skinny in comparison to the old one that’s on the boat I bought. It’s a little bit hard on the hands without gloves. I’m thinking I need a fatter...
  13. Woodwind

    Teflon Disc for Mast Base

    Since we’re on the topic of mast bases...I purchased one of those Teflon discs that you insert into the “mast hole” ( what is the proper term ?) Think I got it from Intensity, it sounded like a good idea to stop sand from grinding the base of the hole (just in case I miss a few grains of sand)...
  14. Woodwind

    Something is sliding back and forth in my mast when It is tilted

    Anyone know what it is before I start taking it apart?? :confused:
  15. Woodwind

    Sailing!!!! New Viadana Mainsheet Block, Hiking strap and Hiking Strap Adjuster

    Back on the water!!! I will try detail how I did everything, so people like me that are new to this class can find the information easily. I installed a carbo ratchet Viadana block with a stand up spring. I used one without a becket for the standard Sunfish mainsheet set up. 8 mm mainsheet...
  16. Woodwind

    My new Tech4Design Sunfish Dolly!

    New Dolly.... YAY!!! :D I had an old Seitech dolly available to refit/repair but it’s been around for a while and on closer examination I could see the fiberglass filled plastic parts were sun weathered and possibly brittle. I could see the reinforcement strands, the bearings were seizing and...
  17. Woodwind

    Spray Coaming Clean-up and Install

    The spray coaming that came with this boat (not mounted) had ingrained “schmutz”. Found that the 3M adhesive cleaner cleaned it up the best .... with a little elbow grease. Used a heat gun to heat the old sealant on the concave underside and scraped off with a wood chisel.
  18. Woodwind

    FLORIDA Looking for Sunfish Cockpit cooler

    Hey, anyone out there know what soft side cooler will fit in the cockpit cubby? If you have one for sale let me know. Thanks
  19. Woodwind

    Spray Coaming Reinforcement and Reattachment

    Reinforcing and repairing the deck and reattaching the coaming: I’ve opted to use West System epoxy with the 407 filler and either fiberglass tape or cloth.. The 407 filler is much easier to sand than the other harder structural fillers and since I’ll be using fiberglass cloth in addition it...
  20. Woodwind

    Quick Release Boom - Boom Tubing Size

    Hello, I found the specs for the boom tubing at Rig Rite, it looks like it’s 1 1/2 inches which is 38.1 mm. I’m looking at the bicycle seat post quick release levers and they look just like the boom quick release levers. but I’m trying to determine the size I should order. Anyone out there know...