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  1. Rob C.

    Really nice wood Sunfish on Craigslist (not mine)

    Just saw this on Craigslist, It is a deal and I would buy it, IF I had room for it in my garage. I thought I would post it here in case someone is looking for one.
  2. Rob C.

    Need Sailfish parts

    I have an old wooden sailfish hull I plan to restore and I am looking for a rudder, tiller, daggerboard, and the bronze hangers that go on the hull of a Sailfish. Not looking to spend a whole lot of money this boat was a barn find. If you have any of these parts lying around shoot me an email.
  3. Rob C.

    Anyone got a new style hull anywhere near VA?

    The wind from a thunderstorm this evening lifted my 1978 fish that I just restored this spring off my floating dock and slammed it into a piling. I had it tied down and and it ripped the halyard cleat off the boat. Not sure if it is fixable yet or not It was about dark when it happened, but...
  4. Rob C.

    Mainsheet keeps coming loose from bridle

    How do you guys attach the mainsheet to the bridle on your Sunfish. Mine is a 1978 with a three loop bridle and the mainsheet will occasionally come loose when coming about which is very annoying. I am currently using one of these to attach it.
  5. Rob C.

    Rustoleum topside

    Those of you who have used this stuff to paint a Sunfish, how long did you have to let the paint to dry before using the boat? I painted some on a scrap of plywood I had in the shop to test it and see what it looked like. That was nearly a week ago and it is still not fully hard yet. I...
  6. Rob C.

    Paint Question

    Anyone know what is the best color to match this off-white hull color (almost a very light yellow) gelcoat that AMF used on Sunfish back in the 1970s? My deck is in great shape, I am just painting the hull to cover up some fiberglass repairs and some spider cracks so I want something that is a...
  7. Rob C.

    Repairing Crack In Fiberglass

    My Sunfish has a small vertical crack in the laminate running about 2" up from the chine on one side where it bumped something that knocked some gelcoat off. There is no hole through the hull, but there is some delamination right at that spot. I stuck a small digital camera into the inspection...
  8. Rob C.

    Need Complete Rig For Late 70s Sunfish

    Looking for a complete rig for a 1978 Sunfish I saved from the landfill. If you have a some spare parts or better yet a complete rig lying around please contact me.