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    Practice mark II sail versus non-practice mark II sail

    The local store is selling one of the original practice mark II sail with the blue laser logo. Is this the same sail as the one that is currently being sold? Would i be able to use in class regattas? thanks
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    Two Laser Standard Hyde sails for sale in great shape

    I have two Laser Standard Hyde sails for sale. They both are in great shape. One has only the Laser Master Worlds on it which was primarily a light air regatta. The other has less than 10 days of racing. 350USD per sail plus shipping. email me at jeanlevac at rogers dot com
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    Laser Standard Sail

    Selling a very very slightly used laser Standard Hyde sail. Folded. 6 days of light air use. email me at jeanlevac @ rogers dot com
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    Daggerboard - is GRP much better?

    Is the GRP daggerboard much better than the older type? Assume both are brand new out of the box for this discussion. thanks J
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    fairing rudder and daggerboard

    I'm getting my blades ready for the Master worlds in Kingston this summer. My blades are from 09 but they are chipped and need some fairing and some TLC. I'm not asking how to do it, i'm wondering about measuring them in. How do i know if the trailing edge is too thin or if i sand the shape...
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    GPS devices like ProStart

    Hi, can someone from the class clarify if the ProStart from Velocitek is now legal. Many people are wondering. thanks Jean
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    Light air sheet

    Hi, what diameter size are people using for a light air sheet? 4, 5, 6mm? thanks J
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    Tacktick micro compass?

    Is the class thinking of allowing the micro compass from tacktick at one point? thanks
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    Nexus compass issues

    My compass from Nexus is having issues and before i buy another one, two questions. The issue is that the arms that indicate the heading have spun a good 20 degrees. the compass works fine but it is really annoying that the lines aren't where they are suppose to be. Anyone ever have that...
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    J24 boom for sale

    White, from 1988 boat. I good shape. Make an offer. It's located in Ottawa, Canada but i'm sure we can figure out how to ship it. J
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    WTB complete rudder (or parts)

    Looking for decent rudder. Complete preferred but would be willing to just buy the blade. message me.
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    2011 J24 North Newport Main Fat Head Main

    2011 J24 North Newport Main Fat Head Main Used 2 light air regattas - its in great condition 1000$ + shipping OBO
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    2011 J24 North Newport Main

    2011 J24 North Newport Main Fat Head Main Used 2 light air regattas - its in great condition 1100$ + shipping I am going down to Toronto a lot in the month of June. I can deliver or it can be easily shipped Thanks Jean Location: Ottawa
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    used class legal sail good shape

    200$ no battens, no bag. In good shape, lots of life left! Class Legal sail.
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    Harken Vang for sale

    Great shape! almost never used. 210$ + shipping jeanlevac (at) rogers (d0t) com
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    Large Neoprene Hiking Pants by SEA

    Hi, I just bought these and they are a little tighter than my other SEA pants (airprene). Used once, in amazing shape (brand new shape without the price). 125$+shipping. Here is the description from APS: Great all around hiking pants, take them for whatever conditions, cool or warm. Made...
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    San Francisco to East Coast dinghy move

    DOes anyone have any idea on how to move a dinghy from San Francisco to the northeast US? Cheers J
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    Looking for Laser

    Hi, I'm looking for a laser. This is for an introduction to the laser. If I like it, then I'll buy a newer one but for now one that needs work or isn't updated would work for me. I'm willing to travel to pick it up. thanks