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  1. don44

    Arizona sailing experience?

    Are there any members here that can provide positive/negative sailing experience on Arizona lakes, especially Lake Pleasant and Roosevelt Lake? I am in Minnesota and am getting totally tired of sitting here in snow drifts waiting for a very short Summer. I am especially interested in Sunfish...
  2. don44

    Shiny Bottom

    Just got my recently acquired '77 Sunfish back from the boat repair shop with new bailer and new gelcoat on her bottom. Yay!! Can't wait to sail next summer!
  3. don44

    Sunfish trailer?

    I realize there have been previous posts on this subject, but many of them can no longer be viewed. I would appreciate advice on who makes a good compact trailer for someone that is limited on parking space and is not interested in long distance towing. Harbor Freight used to have a nice one...
  4. don44

    Mast twist

    I recently acquired a 16' sailboat that was trailered to me from a location about 500 miles away. When I towed the sailboat home, I noticed that the mast did a lot of flexing on the area overhanging the rear of the boat. Later, when I was rigging, I observed that the sail channel was twisted as...
  5. don44

    Rudder & Tiller wood

    My tiller & rudder blade are shot, really could use replacement. What kind of wood is used for these parts? My boat is a Sunfish clone called a Star Dancer, which differs from Sunfish steering parts. This is not a common boat so I am sure I would not be able to find replacement parts. So I...