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    HUGE Sunfish Parts ANNOUNCEMENT and Class Racing

    This video goes over a NEW Decision, that could affect every Sunfish Sailor in the Country!
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    Bailer Question and Bailer video

    I have come accross two different size bailers (the threaded shaft) but most fit... a logn time ago I obtained a bailer and the thing didnt fit... does anyone know what bailer goes for which type of Sunfish?? i was told there is a 1-13/16th in and a 1 and 5/16th... on a related note here...
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    Sunfish Parts with Discount

    Hi all. There is a discount being given to all my viewers for any purchases at If you use coupon code “LEE” you will get 10% off any purchase over $100. This offer is good for a limited time through June 6, 2021. they have both class legal and third party Sunfish parts and...
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    Regattas 2021??

    Hi All... i was hoping to get some more information, contact info for ANYONE who knows of NY state regattas that will have a start for Sunfish... please if you do, reply to this message/can be public/ please post the Name of the regatta, the location, date, contact and any other...
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    There is a company out there making new more efficient blades for the Sunfish- here is a video of the Daggerboard- this will be also written up by Sailing World Magazine!
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    Upgrades For your New Used Sunfish

    If you have a used Sunfish, you may be able to improve your sailing experience with these simple upgrades lee :)
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    2011 Women's Sunfish North American Championships

    Sayville Yacht Club-AWESOME job on Women's Sunfish NA's this weekend. Luckily no rain, great race committee, good food, wonderful hospitality from everyone at the yacht club. Thanks Kathie! Congrats to all participants; competition was tough! (Final finishes: 1-Anne Patin, 2-Gail Heaulser...