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  1. jeffers

    Ridges + Ribbing in Gel Coat. IDEAS?

    I am pretty sure the US boats are actually built in the UK and shipped over these days. It could be as others have said that it has been 'cooked' post production in a container. I have never seen a boat deform like that ever. I have seen the usual marks under the mast foot but nothing like that...
  2. jeffers

    Humm - Melges 14

    The Melges is likely to only be available in the US (like the Farr dinghies only seem prevalent in Aus/NZ). This is probably partially in response to the RS Aero which will be imported by West Coast sailing (who have an extensive network of outlets in the US/Canada I believe). There is...
  3. jeffers

    Xmas Lasers - questionable marketing

    Do remember that sail numbers/plaques are issued in batches so it may simply be that they have started their next batch and there are still a load to be built from a different batch with another builder.
  4. jeffers

    Xmas Lasers - questionable marketing

    I am told companies house tells a different story. If I had the time and inclination I would look it up myself. As I said this came from a reliable source, does not mean it is accurate though. It is marketing bull worthy of another major UK dinghy company though.
  5. jeffers

    Xmas Lasers - questionable marketing

    The ad is below. Sailboats and LP are owned by the same person I am told by a reliable source....go figure!
  6. jeffers

    Introducing the New Official Class Sail

    They are trying to by saying 'we will sell the new sail anyway with or without your approval'. There will be some who will buy it but I do know if they turn up at my local club they will be told politely that they are not allowed to race as part of the Laser fleet with it (they can of course...
  7. jeffers

    Introducing the New Official Class Sail

    I wouldn't touch one (even if I did still have a Laser). LP are bang out of order making this move, all they are trying to do is force the hand of the other parties.
  8. jeffers

    Harken Kicker and a new Website

    Alan D might chime up if he still lurks here but i am pretty sure as long as the cleat was a direct replacement then it would be fine.
  9. jeffers

    Harken Kicker and a new Website

    That would be allowed. I am pretty sure you can put any cleat that fits on the mounting centres without modification (tapping and re-drilling). The cleat is an expendable part to a certain extent although my Harken vang had 5 years or so or regular hard use and the cleat was perfectly fine.
  10. jeffers

    Daggerboard class legal?

    The older daggerboards didn't have any markings on them (or the stickers may have been removed/fallen off). I would not worry too much.
  11. jeffers

    Harken Kicker and a new Website

    The top blocks are free anyway. Looks like they have changed to use the latest Harken offering rather than the metal blocks. I have these new style blocks on my current boat, they are the business and look great as well as function perfectly. The only part they cannot change is the bottom assembly.
  12. jeffers

    Handicapping in a one-design fleet

    The other thing you could consider is using a personal handicap for each sailor. Start off using the same number for everyone then whoever wins then get 10% knocked off (2nd 5%. 3rd 3%). Whoever is last gets 10% added on, scond last 5%, 3rd last 3%. Run this for a while as a separate series so...
  13. jeffers

    Block attached to outhaul fairlead - allowed?

    Possibly because this is a fundamental rule or possibly because no one has suggested a rule change. I am pretty sure it would have been covered when the new control systems were developed.
  14. jeffers

    Quitting lasering, selling the voodoo

    I know Rodney @ Suntouched is trying to set something up stateside but if US people can register interest then that will help!
  15. jeffers

    Block attached to outhaul fairlead - allowed?

    As said above this is not class legal because the moving line MUST pass through the fairlead at least once.
  16. jeffers

    Bringing Blades / Lines on an airplane

    Most guys who travel have a hard case for their foils (most use a gun case of some form as you can cut out the shape you require). There was a thread about this a couple of years ago. Personally I would not take my foils with me in a soft case given how badly treated they can get by baggage staff,
  17. jeffers

    Laser Gelcoat

    The other option is to get to your local boat repair yard, they might be able to do a colour match for you and mix you up a pot.
  18. jeffers

    Laser Gelcoat

    The gelcoat is available readily online (LP used to do a small pack of it on their web shop). What you cannot get through the post is the catalyst but you should be able to buy that locally.
  19. jeffers

    All about to kick off....

    So the defendant is trying to delay as much as possible then. Hopefully the judge will show some steel and impose sanctions (or find against them by default) if they do not produce the required documentation.
  20. jeffers

    Sail trim upwind

    I would say so. I just notice that most Laser sails flutter in higher winds. the older the sail the lower the wind strength it will flutter in. Until the leech 'lets go' completely then it flutters in pretty much any wind (and you may as well chuck it away at that point).