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    Mystery sail rig

    Good evening gentlemen. This is a little off but I have recently come into a pile of sailing equipment, sails rigging from an older sailor who moved away. Here are some pics of a rig I found and have no idea what it is. It is quality made and appears to be all mahogany but needs varnish. It has...
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    Sail I.D.

    I came by about 15 sails of various type. Big, small, mains and jobs. Here are a couple that appear to be small boats. Any ideas of what boat they are for?
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    Storing boat on starboad side

    I'm hurting for space. (13 boats) Does it harm a sunfish to store the hull on edge on the starboard (drain) side. Will it tend to warp or do damage?
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    Something loose behind the cockpit.

    Ok, now that I've finished all my repairs and starting on my rigging setup, I flipped the boat over and heard a clunk in the stern. I did it again and herd it. It sounded like a solid object probably about like a 4 inch piece of 2x2 lumber. What could it be? I'm probably going to ignore it...
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    Rigging advice

    Can I get a little input on rigging the bridle? Which is better and why? The bridle with a single point of attachment like the original cable loop style vs a rope bridle with main sheet tied on with a bowline or traveler system... I would like to know technical advantages of speed...
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    Need Boat I.D.

    I've been looking at these 3 boats for about a year leaning against as I drive by a junk dealer. He just wants to get rid of them. Can anyone tell me what they are. There is no rigging or rudders/daggers. All 3 are alike. One is beat up really bad and the others appear like nothing wrong with...
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    Advice on improving sunfish metal trim looks.

    I would like to improve the look of my metal trim on my resto project. Its in good shape but has the typical corrosion or dull look in places. I was hoping the experts on here have already spent tons on time, effort and money to find out the best easy peasy solution. Feel free to share. LOL I...
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    Trying to bring back deck color and shine.

    Ok folks. Im done with all structural work and starting to finish cosmetics. My hull and deck are dull and faded but not quite powdery oxidized. The gell coat is supposed to be white but is an off white with age. I know this because I used fine sandpaper to remove a couple stubborn deep stains...
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    Has anyone ever "wrapped" a sunfish?

    I see lots of power boats putting those on. I personally wrapped a jeep with realtree breakup one time. Got tons of comments wherever I went. Caught several folks taking pics standing in front of it at the beach. I was thinking the Navy digital camo and some sort of coordinating sail. There is...
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    Mast cup issue

    Since my boat weighed in at 129 lbs i didn't do a leak test in the mast cup. Now seeing this i will address it THEN do a leak test. I don't want to chance the water going into a now dry hull. seems that the outer glass has worn(chipped or flaked)away from the inside walls of the...
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    Original brass deck drain.

    I'm still looking for a complete used original brass deck drain and cap. I know they sell them new for around $50. I like original equipment best but I sure don't like the cost of one of these new ones. Is there anything negative about having the original style? verses drilling the deck hole out...
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    Dressing up spar, boom and mast.

    My sail hardware has that salt water surface haze/corrosion residue look. A couple small pitted areas too. Like under the goose neck. I wire brushed them and they now shine like a new dime. I guess I'll have to do it to every inch of all 3 if I want a uniform look. Will jb weld any small pits or...
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    Cleat replacement

    My cleat pulled out. Doesnt appear to have a backer block. Glass is in good shape other than minor spider cracks in gell. thixo or marine tex (i have) good enough to squish through the holes and smooth surface with wax paper. Let cure then drill and re screw cleat back down...? OR...
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    I need educating please.

    I need as much information as you are willing to share on different products, their uses and comparisons with each other for cost and strengths. Keeping in mind my life theory is always do the job ONCE. No product expense cut if you are just going to have to buy it and repeat the job later...
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    Bailers available

    Hey guys and gals, just an FYI...I had previously been searching for a sunfish bailer unit at all the usual outlets without success. Today I got a call from the "dingy shop" and they recieved a shipment.
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    What length for wood tiller extention?

    Hey guys. When I built my new tiller and extention I built the extention really really long knowing I wasn't in budget for a factory aftermarket extention right now. This morning I'm going to cut it off to length and varnish. What length does it need to be? To be longer than stock and usable...
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    Got it done!!! Now next task...

    My 1976 sunfish needed lots of stuff done to restore it to my satisfaction but not like some of the jobs you guys take on. Anyway I had to build a new tiller and extention. I made them out of tight grain furnature grade oak since that was what I had. Took all my blades to wood and cleaned them...
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    FLORIDA Looking for complete brass style drain plug

    I have a 76 model. Don't want to cut on the hull and want original restore. Looking for a complete brass chrpme style drain plug on top of the starboard deck. Open to pricing. Just don't want to pay the new price i can order one for. Lol
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    Suggestions for what appears to be a cosmetic hull crack

    I have a couple good cracks in the hull bottom gel coat on the keel line. Have no idea how some idiot did these two crunches but it doesn't appear to be leaking or soft. I want to seal it up and smooth it without leaving a big ole obvious fiberglass patch. Can I just push in some marine tex and...
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    Should i ad a transom drain plug?

    My 1976 sunfish project is missing the old brass plug with 2 small pins. I ordered a plastic one from one of the shops that said it would fit.. it doesn't look like it but I will take a closer look. Anyway, my boat seems dry and very close to original weight. Question...would you ad a transom...