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    Mast / Boom Transport

    My son bought a laser and will tow it behind a small car. No truck to haul boom and mast. Looking for options to put them on the boat or trailer during transport. Would really appreciate some pictures of ideas or links to a place I could get something for him. I know there are some bags you can...
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    Parts list

    Hi, We just bought a couple of lasers from the 1970s and they need some parts replaced. Has anyone or does anyone know of a complete parts list for a laser? It would be great if there was a break down of the boat and all of its parts. That would make sourcing new parts very easy. Also, are...
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    Anyone ever pulled one of these out?

    We bought a couple of used lasers. When moving them around, I heard something rattling inside. These, or what's left of them are what I pulled out. The boats are from the 70's. I can't imagine that they are factory equipment, are they? Thanks in advance for any experienced answer.