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    Storage compartment seal

    That's a lota work for a dry box. You sure a zip-loc bag wouldn't do just as well? I also like the idea of adding a port, but I'm not sure what I would find if I cut a hole through the deck. Is it generally hollow inside You need to go to the Mother Lode of Sunfish Info and ask to see...
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    sunfish maintenance

    Don't forget to open the deck drain and empty out any condensation that accumulated over the winter.
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    race version vs. regular sunfish

    This shows where there's a difference ( ) The race sail has the same parimeter dimensions. /\ It's cut and sewn with more draft (curve) in the body. What year boat are you upgrading? Once you've read the...
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    Storage compartment seal

    Here's some chatter from last week. ( ) Use the search function to see if there's been more before that. This is a pointer-14 :o You can buy the rectangular hatch from marine stores. Putting in a port with a cat bag would be...
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    Where do I tie on the milk jug(s)?

    My neighbor tried the duck-tape secured split noodle from last years posts and tells me it worked for teaching his kids. I got the impression he didn't even use a whole noodle - I'll ask next time I see him. There's various noodle thicknesses and center holes so flotation could be different with...
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    Where do I tie on the milk jug(s)?

    Floats by PRADA
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    coaming ?

    I think the issue has always boiled down to factory fasteners pulled out with time causing leaks. The solutions developed over the last 40 years weren't to just screw or rivet the coaming back in place - that's a no-brainer whatever you use. Some have even just filled the holes and epoxied or...
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    Looking for Mast Head Pully

    You could just lash on a Carbo Air Block to the cap. Would make your newer mast resemble the older generation when a mast top halyard block was the norm.
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    New to site, have a few questions

    When the sun bleaches out the color you can make the deck shine, but the color will be gone forever. You get a shiny dull color deck in that case. The only place I've ever found the particulars of gelcoat is in the spray equipment manuals and the industry literature or professional books...
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    Paint Problems

    Even though you waited 24 hrs between coats that's no guarantee the paint was actually dry. Temp and humidity have a role in drying so the only way to be sure is test for softness. If one underlying layer didn't setup all the way everything painted over it won't be attached solidly. If you have...
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    hull weight question

    If you look closely at that pdf you'll notice it came from the file library at Sunfish Sailors. Most hulls made after 1980 are rated at 130# in the spec sheets. Reality is these hulls are hand laid so there's variation of a few lbs. The videos from the LP openhouse tour show resin quantity looks...
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    You be the judge !

    [ From the PT Barnum was right Dept. ] For a Limited Time Only Now you too can have your very own $140 Neil Pryde Sunfish sail for the phenomenal price of only $185. . . . . . . Ebay Item Number: 260416275074 But :rolleyes: Wait :p There’s :eek: More If...
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    Gel Coat Scratch Removal

    Here's the LP approach ( )
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    You be the judge !

    You get a big gold star !!!
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    Bottom Paint?

    This thread could be what you are looking for.
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    You be the judge !

    You be the judge ! :) :(
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    can I patch bottom of boat without gelcoat?

    I would just like to ask if it's possible to patch the bottom of my boat without using gelcoat. Sure, gelcoat is just pigmented fiberglass resin. All you’ll miss is a top coat protecting the reinforcement fibers and you can put on an extra layer of regular resin maybe mixed with one of the...
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    determine Sunfish age?

    The ebay ad mentioned it was an "AMF" sunfish, and the previous owner guessed it was built in the mid 1960's (I think his family bought it in 1971). AMF bought Alcort in 1969. Got an AMF label on it anywhere? Post some views so everyone can look it over for telltale signs. The cockpit...
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    Forum organization

    I think we need to break out the forum into different discussion areas. “We” – didn’t you just get off the bus day before yesterday, Spanky? Kick back, pop open a beer and take in the sights for awhile. If you look around a little you’ll see Bradley - Forum webmaster - is already in the...
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    best way to set SS Rivets?

    - with one of these Harbor Freight - $15