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    Minifish Sail

    Looking for a good condition minifish sail , what I have is serviceable , some holes , major UV degradation , and 30 years old.So... want an upgrade ! Anything out there ?
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    Anyone either had a sunfish race sail cut down or a custom sail made to fit mini spars that possesed porportionally similar draft ? Would altering a sunfish race sail to match mini spars do something weird to the draft ? Obviously a loft could to the work and have some insight , looking for...
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    Been through the threads looking for discussion of horn vs. clamcleat for halyard(mast mount). Has anyone with clamcleats had a problem with them slipping when the halyard tail is tensioned for a vang ? I have been thinking that two clamcleats (if they don't slip per formentioned)would allow for...