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    Tool to help with Rudder Springs

    I am breaking down rudders for repairs and wood painting. I realized I was doing springs the hard way. There are these nice hooks used to the pull the dashs out of Mercedes. That right, no screws the dash is held in by tension. Anyway they have these real stiff wires with handles. I could grab...
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    Daggerboard repair??

    Small repair. I have done almost 4" repair with MarinTex. I made a mold and put in bolt shanks and nails to give it some strength. The key understanding is that the Marine Tex needs a 'wide' area of around 80 grit sand scratch as the epoxy grabs onto the scratch. You want to feather back some...
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    I found my leak, fixing the mast hole.

    So my repair. I used that tapered grinding wheel from my pile of stuff. Not sure where it came from, but it was larger in diameter then the tool and narrower then the hole. I made a squeege tool with some stiffer gasket rubber I had laying around. I believe the hole is 2.5" so I used a compass...
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    Foot-well cracks

    I would call that serious structural. Flip it and look for damage or repairs in that area. It had to take a hit or something to cause that and the fact that is in the curved areas says it had to be serious deformation. I would question of the hull under that area might not have moved enough...
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    I found my leak, fixing the mast hole.

    I needed to mixing tube because I was filling about 3’ for deck hull seam. I could get the epoxy in where I needed it. Bought 2 tubes not sure how much I would need. Sold the unused tube to another guy with a Daysailer that the seam failed between dev and hull. Lots of hits over the 40 years the...
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    I found my leak, fixing the mast hole.

    I checked on my Thixo, I have over an inch of plunger distance left. That should be enough to fill the mixing tube and give me what I need. OR I can just put it on my mixing board and do it manually and not have the waste. In any event, I am going to call it just enough for this job. I am...
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    I found my leak, fixing the mast hole.

    The tool is made by Foredom. A few steps above a Dremel. More torque so it does not load down. Way more control. Got lucky and picked it up at a garage sale way below the going rate.
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    I found my leak, fixing the mast hole.

    Humm, I have probably just enough thickened epoxy (Thixo) left in the tube to do the job. I like that even better. Though I think I might try to add in a layer of cloth just to be safe if I think I can get it in the hole. I am thinking I can use my flexshaft tools with a tapered grinding...
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    Help with Leak and Hull Weight

    Matress air pumps. Lots of volume and no pressure. I was just trying out a manual one I have and it worked great.
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    I found my leak, fixing the mast hole.

    So you all may or may not remember I picked up a 2006 with chunk out of the flang in the rear starboard side. I fixed it up and have been sailing it all summer long. BUT I noticed it was picking up a lot of water. I also noticed the water was not salty. I also knew I did not have any place...
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    Sunfish Manufacturing Improvement Report

    After doing the repairs to all the youth program boats at our yacht club plus watching the kids sailing. These new boats are not going to hold up very long. It will not be worth the time to fix them. The old boats could take some abuse. The newer J edge are pretty good at damage, but the J at...
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    Holes in boom for interlocking bolt are pulling out from the end of boom

    Done a bunch. Mark the position of the holes just front to rear. Use a pipe cutter to cut just behind the holes. Save the piece. File the inside edge to take the edge off. Use the piece to locate the hole position front to rear. Just put the one face even with the new face of the tube. Then...
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    rudder repair

    Epoxy or resin can be used to fix this. The key is proper surface prep as both need the 'roughness' you get with sandpaper to bond to the surface. By sanding back some and increasing the surface area for the bond it is even better. I have seen several repairs that failed at our club just because...
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    Harbor Freight Sunfish Trailer

    So my take. I have the larger HF trailer. I use it twice a year so far plus pick up of SF I have bought. I just put the plywood on top and made 2 U shape 2x4 things so I can put 2 boats on it. I just put down some heavier packing foam and use my son to help load and unload. I transport deck...
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    Buying a Used Sunfish

    Old hull, crappy paint job and a bunch of new parts for the price of a much much newer boat. No never. Are you in a hurry? Check on craigslist and facebook market place several times a day. Keep say $1500 cash on hand and find a friend with a trailer that will let you borrow it in moments...
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    Documentation on Laser variations??

    My son is about 6' 2" and in the 180+ range. He can handle any size realistically.
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    Documentation on Laser variations??

    I understand how you might think I need to spend a few K on a good boat. But I am playing a long game. Just gathering some knowledge as sometimes super deals pop up. So far I have bought 3 Sunfish. The first with a Seitech dolly was $50, $200 for a 2006 that needed hole fixed in ther back where...
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    Documentation on Laser variations??

    My 16 year old has just finished his second year of sailing. He expressed interest in a laser. No, I am not spending $2k on a laser. I am looking for a decent deal and fixing stuff is what I can do. What I see is the lasers at the club have a couple of blocks on the deck that I believe...
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    Replacement for stock swivel cam cleat

    I have the rachet block on my fish and my son has the cleat. The cleat is ok for being lazy, but seeing the kids keep cleating the line and then getting into troubles. We have all sorts of mainsheet rigs in our yacht club. When the kids leave it cleated or accidentally cleat at the doc you end...
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    Bent Gudgeon Bracket

    I have gotten resourceful and experienced in keeping sunfish working at my yacht club. Here is what I have learned on that bracket. I have been bending them with a vice grip or large slip jaw pliers. Had one sunfish where the bottom 2 screws fell out on a sunfish. Turns out that water must...