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    Trailex Trailer for two?

    I would like to carry two lasers on a trailex trailer using a separator in between. Has anyone had any issues doing this. I just replaced the springs and tires on the trailer.
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    Mainsheet recommendations

    I am a club racer looking at new mainsheets, mine is Polilite going on 10 years old. Anybody use Marlow fusion, twice the price but I HATE knots. I make enough mistakes on my own without equipment problems. will it have less knots?
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    rudders and centerboards wanted, any condition

    I have acquired 3 lasers for my club in Downingtown, PA. west of Philadelphia. We will use them for loaner boats and promote our club. Only problem is no blades. I'll take any blades from wood to plastic. i'm willing to pay just looking for inexpensive blades.
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    1980's project boat

    Laser hull only, needs repairs on gunnels, the deck and hull are firm.