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    How to reinstall the traveler cleat?

    The clam cleat that holds the traveler got torn out and its two screw holes are stripped. I still have the original screws. What's the best way to reinstall the cleat? Just fill the old holes with epoxy and screw it in again with the old screws, or should I do something more substantial, like...
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    Reinstalling the traveler jam cleat.

    I needed to move my Laser and (stupidly) started dragging it by its traveler rigging. The next thing I knew, I was flat on my back, having ripped the traveler jam cleat out of the deck. Now I have to re-install it. My plan is to fill the old holes with epoxy putty, drill new ones half an...
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    Main sheet length

    I just bought a used laser. The current main sheet is fifty feet long. That's obviously too long, but what's an appropriate length to trim it to?