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    Install bailer on Vanguard 420

    Hello, I recently purchased an older Vanguard 420, without a bailer. I have been pumping out rainwater (and water that gets in from the centerboard) using a drill pump, but that gets old really fast. Has anyone successfully installed a Andersen/Elvstrom Automatic Bailer (Medium) on a Vanguard...
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    Is this Capri 14.2 Mast?

    Hello, I bought a 420 sailboat on Craiglist today, I checked the boat but did not think to check the mast. When trying to step the mast, I noticed that it didn't seem to work, and a measurement confirmed it is too long (21 feet, 4 inches vs 20 feet 6 inches). Some simple googling led be to...
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    Hurt back raising mast

    I bought my first sailboat in May (a Pico, now added a Laser Radial), and have raised and lowered the mast each time I sailed, about 25 times. On Friday, as I was raising the mast on the laser, I hurt my back. I ended up rolling the sail around the raised mast, and tying with the cunningham as...
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    Pico sails worn out?

    I bought a used Laser Pico a month ago, and now that I have some experience sailing it ~ 10 times in our neighborhood lake, I would like more speed. I attached some pictures of the mainsail, I think the previous owner said the boat is about 20 years old, do the sails look like they should be...
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    Tie dinghy on dock?

    Hello, I just purchased yesterday my first sailboat, a used Pico. I currently have the hull tied down (right-side up) on the dock in our backyard. My question is which is preferable, storing the hull tied down on the dock, or floating in the water tied to the dock? When I've rented sailboats...