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  1. Alan S. Glos

    New Race Sail Availability?

    Does anybody know wherew somebody can buy a new, Class legal race sail? They seem to be in short supply. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
  2. Alan S. Glos

    NEW YORK Old Style (pre-1972) Sunfish Rudder/Tiller Assembly and Tapered Sunfish Daggerboard

    Completely refurbished and refinished wood Sunfish parts for sale Blades and tiller are mahogany and the tiller extension is white oak. Wood parts were sanded down to bare wood, repaired as needed and then refiinished with 3 coats of marine varnish to a better than new finish. Bronze and...
  3. Alan S. Glos

    NEW YORK DePersia Cockpit Bailer (long shaft) To Fit a Minifish or thicker bottom Sunfish

    Tired of breaking your Minifish keel mounted plastic cockpit bailer? This somewhat rare cast aluminum DePersia brand bailer came off a damaged beyond repair Minifish hull and will take a lot of abuse and keep your cockpit dry. The threaded shank is 1 5/8" length to accommodate a Minifish...
  4. Alan S. Glos

    When it is OK to do less than your best work

    Forum readers probably know that I have a little cottage industry buying and selling small sailboats, parts and gear and making repairs for some of the locals. A few weeks ago, I agreed to look at a damaged Phantom (popular Sunfish clone) where the deck had separated from the hull flange most...
  5. Alan S. Glos

    Minifish Cockpit Question

    Here's an odd one. I just purchased an old Minifish project boat. In the cockpit, there is a well molded in where the bailer should have been but there is no bailer and no evidence that there was ever a hole for one. I thought maybe the previous owner glassed over the hole but she bought the...
  6. Alan S. Glos

    NEW YORK Minifish Spars

    Minifish aluminum upper and lower booms + mainsheet and halyard. $70. Add $38 for a matching bronze gooseneck. Very good condition. Pick-up only in Cazenovia, NY (near Syracuse, NY) due to prohibitive shipping cost. Interested? Questioins? E-mail me at: Alan Glos...
  7. Alan S. Glos

    Where to put inspection ports in a Minifish

    OK, so I have acquired a Minifish. The hull is in good shape, but is rather heavy. I plan to install some inspection ports in it to see if I can dry it out. Were it a Sunfish, I would put a 6" port on the deck centered between the aft "V" of the splashrail and the forward edge of the...
  8. Alan S. Glos

    Complete Minifish Rig?

    I may have an opportunity to acquire a Minifish. The hull is damaged and waterlogged, but the spars, rudder assembly, daggerboard, lines and sail are in decent shape. Anybody out there need all these parts? No obligation. Just sniffing the wind before I make an offer. For the record, this...
  9. Alan S. Glos

    Two Sunfish sail topics

    I have a nice all white race sail that I found in Facebook Marketplace. Great shape but it was stored fox "x" number of years and somehow got some rust stains on it. I have used CLR to remove rust stains from a Sunfish hull. What would work on a sail? Any ideas? Other chemicals recommemded...
  10. Alan S. Glos

    Recycling Sunfish Parts and Gear

    Readers of this Forum know that I often find, refurbish and sell used Sunfish parts and gear, and along the way I often come across items that are abused or damaged to the point that they cannot be made boat worthy again. So each year I end up with a few mahogany daggereboards, rudders etc...
  11. Alan S. Glos

    One piece Super Sunfish Mast?

    This week a fellow Sunfish racer friend gave me what he thought was a vintage Super Sunfish mast and boom that he had inherited from his father. It all looked legit but the mast was a tapered one-piece affair. I have owned one Super Sunfish and the mast that came with it was a three-piece rig...
  12. Alan S. Glos

    NEW YORK Super Sailfish Mark II Spar Sets For Sale

    I have two nice Super Saillfish Mark II spar sets (mast with mast head halyard block, upper boom, lower boom with Wilcox-Crittenden mainsheet blocks, gooseneck and all end-caps and connecting hardware.) These are freshwater spars in good to very good condition. These spars are for a 75 sq. ft...
  13. Alan S. Glos

    What's wrong with picture?

    This photo was off a local CraigsList ad. What's wrong with it? Alan Glos
  14. Alan S. Glos

    What boat does this rudder go to?

    A friend gave me this aluminum rudder assembly. He thought it came off one on the Snark family of boats. Anybody know for sure? It would make a nice sailing canoe rudder. Anybody want it? Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
  15. Alan S. Glos

    NEW YORK Super Porpoise Spar Set for Sale

    I have a complete set of aluminum spars (mast, upper boom, lower boom with blocks and gooseneck) and all end caps and connecting hardware salvaged off a damaged beyond repair SP huil. Fresh water only, straight, and in very good condition. $195 for the set. Pick-up only in Cazenovia,NY near...
  16. Alan S. Glos

    Old dog, new tricks

    I have been varnishing boat gear (rudders, tillers, daggerboards etc.) for the better part of 60 years, and the drill had always been the same: sand, shape, repair dings, and hand varnish with either a bristle or foam brush, then fine sand/steelwool and re-coat x 3 or 4. This year I had an...
  17. Alan S. Glos

    Old Sailfish Demo Job - Not for the Faint of Heart

    This weekend, I bought a 1960s era fiberglass Super Sailfish as a parts boat. When I went to pick it up, two of us could barely drag the hull on my Trailex trailer. The hull had multiple holes and cracks, and weighed on the order of over 300 lbs. I was able to salvage a good rudder/tiller...
  18. Alan S. Glos

    Spring Sunfish Sail Sale

    I have three used Sunfish recreational sails for sale. All three are freshwater use only. Compare to $300 + for comparable Class legal sails: Blue and Yellow. A North, Class legal. Came off a 2004 Sunfish. It is in overall very good condition with excellent aerodynamic shape. When I...
  19. Alan S. Glos

    NEW YORK Vintage Laser Parts for Sale

    I just salvaged an mid-1970s (best guess) Laser hull that was damaged beyond repair and have the following parts for sale: -A pair of nice wood cockpit grab rails. Mahogany with stainless steel attachment screws. Good shape but need varnish. Just the thing for a purist restor. project or...
  20. Alan S. Glos

    NEW YORK Sunfish Parts, Gear and Hardware For Sale

    Sunfish and Sailfish Parts, Gear and Hardware for sale. Mostly used but some new, old stock. Vintage, pre-1972 hardware available. If you are restoring or upgrading a Sunfish or Sailfish and need hardware or hard to find parts, I have most of them at decent prices. Rudders, daggerboards...