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  1. L pole rigging on a L2

    Croker's videos aren't bad, actually they're pretty much essential Laser 2 educational material now that practically nothing else exists. I have linked, and probably will link to them numerous times. I just wish he'd given some tuning numbers... Oh, and his spinnaker pole system is a...
  2. L pole rigging on a L2

    The aft end of the stowed pole does hang by the elastic, and isn't attached anywhere else. The elastic just has to be tight/fresh enough. The forward end is a little trickier... it's supposed to simply hang by the topping lift, but the standard turning block/fairlead up the mast sits a bit too...
  3. L pole rigging on a L2

    The max length of the Laser 2 spinnaker pole is 2500 mm. That is very long for a boat of that size, but it’s an Australian design after all :D Any shorter wouldn’t work with the spinnaker design and the other spinnaker equipment. The pole has to be stowed along the boom (where else would you...
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    removing Super Shute 90 bailer

    If you want the original material, go to and search for ”centreboard carpet”. _
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    removing Super Shute 90 bailer

    Lancelot's boat is a Laser 2. What would "rebuilding" mean here? Replacing is tough as that model has been out of production for a while. There was recently some talk about replacing it with an Andersen, but there was no consensus on how to proceed. _
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    Special Edition Lasers

    It is, and that's the colour I mentioned earlier :rolleyes: _
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    Minimum Rigging

    Why would you need to rig the boat to find out? _
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    Minimum Rigging

    Counting everything even indirectly attached to the rig, you need exactly one length of rope for each system (sheet/traveller/vang/cunningham/outhaul), plus a clew tiedown (which can of course be a strap as well) and a mast retainer. Minimum blocks are all the sheet and traveller blocks, a vang...
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    is this a laser?

    Looks like it's simply asymmetric, with one cheek only. You probably need to have all the bolts extra tight to minimize slop. Doesn't look very practical. Would like to see what's on the other side, though. Too bad Souzag can't show us. Is joecffv still reading this...? 14 % shorter than a...
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    ARC 1 and ARC 2 rigs

    Repeating what I said last December in the previous thread about this: I have a memory that the rigs actually popped up again at some months ago, but now they've disappeared once more. Diego Negri may really be the only one who has any left. (He's also still selling the...
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    LASER, Standard Rig, $950obo

    Interesting colour. Who built this boat and when? That is, what does the embossed code on the transom (right above the lower rudder fitting) say? It's something an ad should include anyway, always :rolleyes: _
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    Question on a mainsheet block

    Ok, but what was it that made you think so? I'm sorry if I'm bothering you (and going a bit off topic), but I take a certain interest in the psychology of rule/regulation/law compliance (or the lack thereof)... what I've observed is that it's much more common to think that rules are more...
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    Question on a mainsheet block

    Why do you think it would be illegal? _
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    1978 tiller snapped

    Oh, ILCA announced its release a few weeks ago. There was already some talk about it. Of course, nobody probably knows if it was actually January when the film crew was at the plant. But at least there was snow on the ground :D _
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    1978 tiller snapped

    Sail number 12902, built in Montreal in January 1974. It may actually be one of the boats shown between 12:45 and 15:46 in this recently posted video :) _
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    Help upgrading laser rigging / deck hardware

    There´s a code embossed on the transom which includes the building date. If the boat is really old (1971 or '72) or built in Europe before 1984, then the sail number is embossed under the bow eye. 1. The deck block and cleat plates are designed to fit in the old holes, with the same screws...
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    1978 tiller snapped

    The rudder head is something that basically hasn't changed on the Laser... ever. The aluminium casting at the back end of the Gorilla should fit them all. And while you're at it, get a good length extension as well. The originals were way too short (it should be longer than the tiller)...
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    Questions on Racing Daggerboard

    The legal boards since 2010 have been made of FRP, or Fibre Reinforced Plastic. Anything that's called "recreational" or a "replica" is simply an imitation thereof, more or less similarly constructed. I don't believe any of these (legal or not) contain any other fibres than glass, so they're...
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    Bottom of mast tube is chipped

    The discs made for the Laser don't fit in the Sunfish mast step. I'm not sure that a disc in general is even legal in the Sunfish. If the step doesn't leak, there's no problem to solve. _