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    Cutting down tiller Extension

    Disconnect the tiller extension. There should be a heat shrink wrap over the universal and extension, remove. Push the pin out and pull out the universal. Cut the extension to the length you want and put back together.
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    Question on a mainsheet block

    Fremont do you have a foil board? Much better change than changes to the rudder.
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    Ronstan telescopic tiller stuck

    Is this used in fresh or salt water? Have you soaked it in a bath to see if it loosens up?
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    Delivery of Sunfish via Pickup Truck

    Get a bed extender for your truck that goes in the hitch
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    Help with Leak and Hull Weight

    Air test first
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    Questions on Racing Daggerboard

    Big difference. The first time you tack and you don't side slip. You can point better as the foil is lifting.
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    Sunfish Manufacturing Improvement Report

    LP should look at how they used to build Amazing the work on fixing spider cracks.
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    Getting ready

    That ball is long gone
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    All great points. EdT are you racing a fully rigged race sunfish? Race sail, foil centerboard, smooth rudder, hiking strap, vang, cunningham?
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    Agree with Beldar. One nice thing about the Sunfish class is people willing to share with others. I go to different regattas and always ask questions from the good sailors. The fast people have really good boat speed which comes with practice.
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    Can this rudder be repaired?

    When you pull the tiller handle to raise the blade, it snaps up causing the split. We have all done them. I always raise the blade by hand. Alan does lots of repairs. It is not a hard repair.
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    Sunfish Manufacturing Improvement Report

    Not really one design
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    Rudder upgrade - Gudgeon Bracket Location

    Put the rudder on with the blade down and see how the tiller handle moves.
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    Second Sail Tomorrow - Could Use Some Advice!

    Nice video. Brought back the days before the tiller universal and long extensions. Those old extensions with a bolt were tough to use.
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    ID this clone please

    Does that rudder mount look like it was added on? Looks like plywood behind the bracket on the stern.
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    Instructions on installing a hiking strap on 1977 Sunfish

    Through bolt through lip of cockpit. Picture is from the forum. You can use the search function.
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    Old style rudder: to fix or just sail?

    The lower screw is important as it holds the lower bracket. You need the upper and lower brackets to allow the rudder to turn. Take something small object and reach in the hole to see if the block is still there. If the block is there for a temp fix try jb weld. Fill the hole put the bracket and...
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    Update on my recent (old) Sunfish purchase, huge gaps where cockpit meets Hull (pictures included)

    What year is your boat? Do you have pictures of the deck and hardware?
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    To Mast Cleat or Not To Mast Cleat…

    Saltydog87 The standard rigging puts the load of the rig on the fairlead and cleat. On older boats with wood backers this has caused failures. Also, with standard rigging the mast is forced into the mast step which has caused failures and if the mast cap is missing is it like a router bit. I...