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    rudder repair

    Used the west marine rapid repair epoxy and painted with rustolean enamel white on the repaired area. so far so good.
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    Cutting down tiller Extension

    fixing up used sunfish and now need to fix the tiller extension .... I have a 48 " tiller with and a 24" inch extension. I also have a spare 48 " extension I would like to cut down to 36" and add it to my tiller. Any suggestions on how to?
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    Ronstan telescopic tiller stuck

    Any tricks for loosening telescopic carbon tiller?
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    FLORIDA sunfish dolly

    Looking for a used dolly, will pick up.
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    rudder repair

    this rudder came with a recently bought used boat. Can I repair this with West Marine Rapid Repair resin and hardener? or dive into the fiberglass repair? what is the best size extension for this aluminum tiller for racing? I'm new for fixing up! Thanks
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    Bottom of mast tube is chipped

    I just bought this used and am finding a few travesties. I did fill with water and so far no leak so yeah. Mostly checking to see if theres a preventative for future damage. The mast does have a cap. Like the disc idea what wiuld you use? Thanks
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    Bottom of mast tube is chipped

    This is a 2013 sunfish. The bottom of the hole is chipped and looks like trouble. Is there a metal replacement part, or should I pour some resin in. Not skilled in renovation yet.