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  1. RealDProperty

    Length of Laser on a Dollie

    I haven't bought a Laser yet but currently looking for one. I will be soring it inside an enclosed trailer. Can someone measure the overall length of thier Laser on the Dollie? The boat is 14' and depending on the dollie, the handle extends a little further past the bow, correct? If the handle...
  2. RealDProperty

    Enclosed Trailer Storage for a Laser

    I'm currently shopping for a Laser. I live in Michigan and prefer to store it on a dollie in an enclosed trailer. I'm wondering if anyone currently does this. If so, what trailer are you using? I was thinking of a 12' with V (extention). I prefer a sinlge axle so it's easier to move around the...
  3. RealDProperty

    MICHIGAN Looking for a Laser in the Midwest

    I'm looking to purchase a Laser in the Midwest. I'm located in Lake Orion, Michigan but willing to travel. Please contact me at if you have a boat you are looking to sell. Include if it is a full, radial or 4.7. I'd prefer to find a full rig. Also include if a dolly or...