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  1. Laser&Lido

    CL16 (?), but no mast or daggerboard

    CL16 is based on the Wayfarer class boats so plenty of pictures on the web of those. My one other thought for @Motorboater31 is that the twin rudders are/were mounted inboard so that might mean the transom isn't as strong as a boat with a transom hung rudder. Putting a motor mount back there...
  2. Laser&Lido

    CL16 (?), but no mast or daggerboard

    Does that have a snub/squared off bow, instead of a typical pointy bow? My guess is that it is a M-16 class scow, not a CL16. I don't have answers to your other questions but will offer that yes, you will probably want something down below to help with directional stability as they are very...
  3. Laser&Lido

    Mast foot movement

    It seems to me you wouldn't want it moving around. More movement results in the threads of the screws continuing to enlarge the holes they are in, and that increases the potential for water getting in possibly leading to rot in the wood. I sailed Lido 14s for many years and they also have a...
  4. Laser&Lido

    Jib sheet length

    I'm getting a 1998 14.2 back in sailing shape. The sails appear to be original from Catalina (new ones on order!)... The jib sheets look to be a single length of line 26' long... The table in the handbook says 38'... Which to believe? 26 seems a little short for possibly reaching with a...