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  1. seawardone

    Bent Deck Plate - Why???

    Hi Folks, A rather embarrassing post, but has anyone seen this before? I've managed to bend my cunningham/outhaul deck plate twice now in two years. It happens in the exact same place (starboard side) and I simply have no idea how it occurred. FYI - in picture, left block=cunningham...
  2. seawardone

    New Power Head Sail by Intensity

    At 9.6 square meters, I'm about to pull the trigger. Anyone test driven this new sail from Intensity? Peace
  3. seawardone

    Dimensions of Seitech Laser Dolly

    Hey gang... I am trying to locate dimensions but to no avail. I'm particularly interested in maximum width/beam which I assume to be from outer edge of port tire to outer edge of starboard tire. Could someone kindly reply with this information? Thanks in advance!
  4. seawardone

    ACME Fatso Section

    Here goes a super long shot, but does anyone have 12-18 inches of an original ACME Fatso (not JR) carbon tiller extension lying around? Last year, a dock somehow ate mine and I cannot find the short section to save my life. I went ahead and bought a new one but I was hoping to repair my old...
  5. seawardone

    4.7 Lower Section Length

    'Thinking about picking up a 4.7 lower mast section for my wife and son. Could someone please tell me the length? I'm trying to determine if the section is long enough to ride on the foam spar partners I do with the boom and standard upper and lower sections. Thanks! UPDATE! I...
  6. seawardone

    What's with the yellow flags?

    For months, I've been puzzled by the small yellow flags just below the gooseneck on many lasers. Initially, I thought they were protest flags but it seems to me they are more permanently attached...often with duct tape. Here are two specific examples, using Paul's RYA book. One can be found...
  7. seawardone

    Requesting Identification of Mystery Items

    Hey Folks... So I've done my best to search TLF for an answer but I keep coming up empty. 'Would appreciate any insight you might be able to offer. Question #1: My boat has a single square of Velcro located topside between the forward most point of the daggerboard slot and the upgraded combo...