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    Does your Sunfish have a name?

    I was sailing out in the Folly River the other day and met someone who had just recently bough a early 1990s sunfish. We sailed around a bit together and I noticed on the side of the hull was lettered "The Baroness." Was wondering if anyone here has named their boat? If so, do you have it on...
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    Sail tie question

    Okay, so I've been reading through posts on what knots to use, what kind of line to use, and how much. I've seen a lot of references to using a surgeon's knot and using 11" pieces of line. Why 11"? If I use 2mm line and I'm tying the knots with the pencil trick to give some separation, why do...
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    Cleaning the race window on a sail?

    Okay, so I've read a few threads on how to clean sails, but what aobut the race window? The window on the sail of my (future) sunfish is a little cloudy. any tips on cleaning it? Oh, and to avoid the inevitable question, the sail is original 1977 and I can't afford to replace it right now, so...
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    Putting a private party sale value on a Sunfish?

    Hello to all, I'm new to the forum and hope y'all can help me. I am looking to buy a sunfish from my uncle this summer. This one has been in the family for years. Perhaps y'all can help me appraise it? Here are some details on the vessel: Serial No: AMF55103M77K Hull is reddish...