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  1. Steve Rose

    Crack in hull taking in water

    After a few days floating on a buoy, my Capri 14.2 had taken on significant water, about 5 inches standing in the inner hull. After draining, I rolled it on it’s side and found a crack and a loose flap of fiberglass about 2 inches across and on the center-line of the hull about two feet back...
  2. Steve Rose

    Seeking Good Used White Main Sail for 14.2

    Seeking Good Used White Main Sail for 14.2
  3. Steve Rose

    Center Board Dropping into Hull when Turtled

    I have not been present for a turtling, but during the latest occurence, the centerboard slipped down into the hull. One person had to go under the turtled hull to push the board up and out of the hull, while another grasped it so that it would not drop back in. Shouldn't the centerboard stay...
  4. Steve Rose

    Cunningham & Jib Halyard

    The Capri 14.2 rigging diagram shows a pulley arrangement, called a Cunningham, to secure the jib halyard. My boat does not have this type of set up; the halyard is secured directly to a cleat. Is this common? What is the purpose of the Cunningham? Thanks.
  5. Steve Rose

    Shroud to Spread Interface

    When I purchased my Capri 14.2 this spring, I noticed that one shroud was attached to the spreader with wire, while the other was held together by duct tape. While putting our boat back on the buoy after sailing yesterday, my wife noticed that the shroud attached with wire had come free. What...
  6. Steve Rose

    Capri 14.2 Mast Head Pulley (Sheave)

    I needed to replace my badly damaged mast head pulley, but could not find a suitable candidate. So, I sketched one (attached). If anyone is interested in a lathe/milling machine project, this would be fun. However, I found a pulley and bearing on that I installed on my mast...