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    When to use Whisker Pole

    I made a whisker pole last year, and think it speeds up going down wind a lot. Now I'm wondering how far off dead down wind the pole might be a benefit, how I might adjust trim if I should use it turned up, and at what point it's better to take it down and sail the jib on the same side as the...
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    Sail repair advice?

    We had a windy Sunday on the Willamette River Sunday and while folding up the main at the end of the day I found the middle batten poking out through a tear in the batten sleeve, a photo of which I think I've attached. What's the right way to repair this hole? Thanks, Geoff
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    Boat and jib covers?

    I just got my boat, and it's mostly sitting on it's trailer in Portland, OR rain, amassing pools of water in the slowly seeping bends of a boat cover that requires I unstep the mast to apply. I want to leave the mast up with the roller furling jib covered and some tenting in a new cover so...