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    LASER 196181 2009 with Full and Radial rigs

    This Laser has been sold.
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    LASER 196181 2009 with Full and Radial rigs

    Yes, The boat is still available. It is rigged for racing. Harken Boom Vang , Cunningham and out haul, Racing Mainsheet, Carbon tiller, updated mainsheet block, harken traveler block and boom block, plus extra parts. In addition, the dolly has Beach wheels. Feel free to email me directly or...
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    LASER 196181 2009 with Full and Radial rigs

    Yes, This boat is still available. I do not have a trailer, these boats are easily car topped. It does come with a laser Dolly with Wide Beach tires. Plus extras, such as a blade bag, spare parts and sheets, Radial and standard rig, straps for car topping, etc. The Radial sail is brand...
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    LASER 196181 2009 with Full and Radial rigs

    2009 Laser #196181 - Fully equipped for racing, Carbon Tiller, Bottom and Top covers, Dolly with Fat Beach tires, Radial and Full rigs, new Radial sail, used three times, Race sail for full rig is shot, have 3 practice sails. Extra everything, with Bag. Boat has been well taken care of...
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    1982 J24 3318; $8,500 with double axle trailer - many upgrades

    Updated Craigslist Ad link. Plus some pics I found of the work done on the deck J24 for sale - boats - by owner - marine sale (
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    1982 J24 3318; $8,500 with double axle trailer - many upgrades

    Yes, Feel free to email me directly to ask any questions.
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    Wanted: J24 in Maine (or northern New England) w/Trailer

    Selling my J24, Many updates and we have done very well in PHRF on LIS. Please take a look at my ad in this forum. email mike.r.mears at
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    1982 J24 3318; $8,500 with double axle trailer - many upgrades

    1982 J24 3318 $8,500 with Double Axle Trailer New Main 2020 Z sails New Genoa 2017 Z sails 100% Jib – Fair condition 2 Class Spinnakers Spin Pole Whisker Pole Winches were re-bedded with Fiberglass matt and Carbon Fiber platforms. In excellent condition. All Stanchions have Marine Grade...
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    Transom gudgeon bolt length?

    Steel bolts on an aluminum plate will create a galvanic reaction. The two metals will create an electrical charge and eventually the steel bolts will infuse themselves into the aluminum. I have used aluminum plate as backing plates for my winches and all the stantions. I made the hole in the...
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    Prep below the waterline

    I am experimenting with a ceramic coating this year too. From reading the reviews and other materials, I sprayed the ceramic coating on the sides as well as on the bottom paint too. Its not a wax but a hard coating that is very slippery in water. I haven't done much sailing on it yet this...
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    J24's in the Fairfield CT area

    MatH, where do you sail out of in Greenwich? We haven't been able to organize a casual J24 one design event yet. As I see more interest, hopefully we will be able to set up something for next summer.
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    Considering painting a J24 hull, any advice on what paints work well for racing?

    When I bought my J24 about 5 years ago, it had the same problem. Too many layers of antifouling bottom paint. What we did was to sand all the bottom paint off down to the Gel coat. paint with an epoxy barrier coat then I would go to your local marine store depending on the water where yo...
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    J24's in the Fairfield CT area

    Peddler, yes we would definitely be interested in a more local j24 one design weekend. Would be a lot of fun. where is the Branford/Pine Orchard race weekend listed? Regattanetwork? Thanks for replying, hopefully more people will see the interest and reply too.
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    J24's in the Fairfield CT area

    Bob & Carol, Thank you for replying. Yes we sail out of FYC. We sail PHRF for Wed nights and other YRA LIS regattas occasionally. If there are more responses, would you be interested in a J24 "non official Class" race one day this summer. Hoping with your response we will get more so that...
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    Setting Rake on a J24

    I'm not sure I understand your question. The spreaders on my boat are fixed. With a distance of 155cm between tips. What we do do is set the mast pre bend "rake" at 2in at naught on the backstay. That has worked very well for us. I have never moved the spreader angle on the mast. And have...
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    J24's in the Fairfield CT area

    We sail our J24 out of Blackrock Harbor, we seem to be the only J24 in the local area. I am looking for other J24's in the area of Fairfield. If there is enough interest we can organize a series of J24 regattas. My thoughts to have some fun Beer can races for the local area. Cedar Point One...
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    Electric Outboard Question

    I am considering replacing my old 4hp gas engine with a Torqeedo Electric engine. Does anyone have any experience with these engines on a J24? On Long Island Sound? My use is only in and out of the Harbor, about 15 mins each way.
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    J/24 Sails

    Jib and spinnaker available? How much and can you send a pic? Thanks
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    All Battens Same Size or sailmaker Specific?

    In short. No. Battens come in different sizes but the width of your other batten is the same. My recommendation is to measure the width of the sleaave and buy batten material then cut to length. I keep a stock of batten in my garage. Always snap or the kids loose them on our laser and cat...
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    J/24 Halyards - Cleated on the Mast

    Go to west marine custom rigging J24. They have all the standard measurements for all line, sheets and shrouds.